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10 Wedding Guest Dresses For Every Budget

10 Wedding Guest Dresses For Every Budget

When the fall/winter season is just around the corner, it is only essential to assume that there are going to be lots of weddings. Despite the fact that most couples wish to get married in romantic spring or summer seasons, nevertheless winter or fall weddings could be just as charming if not more so. 

Whether you’re attending someone's wedding or you are the bride, is it very convenient to get ready in advance and to pick out your guest and bridesmaids dresses for the coldish season wedding without risking getting a frostbite. 

And if you thought for a second that wearing butterflies and floral patterns to a winter wedding may be a little bit out of style, you’re absolutely wrong answer are going to prove you so with ease ;) after all it is all about feeling unique and stylish without stealing anybody else’s thunder and yet creating your very own. 

We are a fan of creating unique and wondrous wedding dresses, and by that we mean all types of dresses anyone should choose to wear: bridal, bridesmaid, evening, cocktail and so on. Enjoy our beautiful collection of 11 perfect Wedding Guest Dresses For Every Budget we picked specially for you below. 

We will help you to choose an appropriate, warm, daring and stylish dress that will easily make friends with your budget and will definitely make you shine like a star.

A very important thing to consider first is length, whether you are willing to risk wearing a mini dress to a winter wedding as a guest? Below you’ll find a few options that will fit and not get in the way of all the wild dancing on your tallest tiptoes in those gorgeous heels in midi length

1. Satin Cocktail Dress Killy


You should really pay attention to our gorgeous cocktail midi dress Killy. Perfect gold inglot color in satin fabric is head over heels pretty, covered with a sheer tulle shoulders and sleeves will help you to not to shiver if the wind will blow towards your way. Diamond encrust will make you feel absolutely at the right place and at the right time, while an absolutely gorgeous front skirt leg slit will blow someone’s mind, if you are still in that search of a perfect prince charming ;)

2. Glitter Midi Evening Dress Malone


Friendlier to your wallet and sparklier dress that will also do just fine in midi length to wear as a guest to the wedding is our beautiful evening dress Malone, V-neckline is going to reveal your beautiful cleavage in a fashionable way, meanwhile most delicate parts are covered with gentle sheer tulle. The Airy skirt is made of a few layers of tulle, so do not worry, no Marilyn Monroe accidents when the wind blows and fabric is dense enough to save all the shiver. Like a snowflake you will shine all night long in this gorgeous dress. 

3. Sparkly Midi Evening Dress Shine


Another charming option is our electric dress Shine will surprise everyone with its elegance and uniqueness. Midi length and lush airy skirt create this beautiful hourglass figure, off-the-shoulder top is dense and firm to make sure that you're comfortable in your own skin, well, in your own dress if we put it that way, all night long. These fractals that are covering the dress are somewhere in between the frozen deep water mosaic or freezing snowflakes on the window, very charming and definitely worth your consideration. 

If you want your dress to be more formal and long enough to wear extra high heels, then it is a very good idea to consider the floor-length of the skirt and look absolutely elegant, too. 

4. Silk Evening Dress with Slit Marry


A very formal yet screaming one is a gorgeous gown Mary. Halter high neck and a bowtie on the back are creating this very exquisite and rich sense of style. Satin silk that is skin tight yet flare at the bottom will make you feel warm and confident at the ceremony and after, at the celebration. Perfect red color will definitely leave everyone impressed. A very sexy front slit will give you power and turn your look playful and romantic in a heartbeat. 

5. Evening Glitter Sheath Dress Djediz

You cannot possibly say no to our gorgeous sheath floor-length dress djediz, because: it is absolutely sparkly, and will shine all night long that's for sure. Long sleeves and a covered top will keep you warm yet not make you sweat during all these dance moves. Bateau neck added by a very unique back slit on a skirt is priceless and very majestic. 

Now that we covered midi and floor length options, we still have short dresses to choose from. Because even if the wedding is in winter time, perhaps you’re from Florida or Miami and you have summer all year long so there is no need to choose warmer options, unless it’s a rainy day, but that's another story. 

6. Short Satin Party Dress Coco


Our cheeky coco dress is very playful and a very bold choice, in a good way. Sleeveless top and short skirt are a very daring combo. Sweetheart sparkly top is strapless and very shiny with a diamond crust, while the skirt is satin and lush in an absolutely different color, creating this diversion of style and enthusiasm of feeling very special. 

7. Short Wedding Dress Kay


Another they see pictures they say goals dress is our perfect mini dress Kay. Long sleeved cocktail dress will be a perfect choice to wear to the winter wedding, perfect shiny murals will make you feel like a celebrity, sheer sleeves encrusted with lace floral patterns will boost up your mood and confidence in a nick of time. Wait until you see how the decorations are light-reflecting and be prepared to surprise everybody. 

A very special place we have in our hearts for sheath dresses and they will absolutely work miracles if you wear one as a wedding guest to a winter wedding

8. Satin Evening Dress Amber


Budget-friendly options: our sheath Amber dress is amber in real life and it is very beautiful. Satin material and square top combined with midi length will fit perfectly for any occasion and will definitely get tons of compliments all wedding long. Repeated on the back square cut is very cute looking with the back slit on a skirt to help you dance and move around freely. 

9. Sparkly Midi Evening Dress Ramona


Formal and midi Ramona dress will make you feel special and discreet. Deep plunging neckline is adorned with an illusion tulle, long sleeves will definitely keep you warm and 60’s housewife length is going to let everybody know that you are a stylish one. Sparkly fabric is definitely going to set the mood for a celebration. 

10. 2 in 1 Midi Party Dress Monika

Our true gem of a dress, cocktail Monika transformer option. You are going to love this dress for 2 reasons, it is 2 dresses for the price of one! A great investment. Light chocolate shade and midi length are suitable for every event, light tulle sparkly skirt is very complementing to the strapless top, and just in a heartbeat you can easily transform a playful gown into a very formal satin sheath dress by simply detaching the skirt.  

It doesn't matter what silhouette or what gemstones you’d pick on your dress, the only thing that matters is how the dress makes you feel on the inside. choose romantic silver shades with sparkles, or go for satin sheath options in amber and chocolate colors, you will look absolutely gorgeous in our dresses and definitely find the dress that will fit to your budget very easily. 


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