11 Amazing A-Line Wedding Dresses for Every Style

After your beloved has popped that long time desirable question, the best of the times begin. Yet before you get your happily ever after, you and your partner have a lot of things to sort out. Whether you have hired the best team to help you plan the wedding, or you do it yourself, buying a wedding dress is always a challenge. There are so many options and things to consider, but don’t you worry just yet, we may offer you a perfect solution. See, a perfect wedding dress that is never going out of style is absolutely an A-line gown, and this article will help you to sort things out and make a choice. 

What is an A-line wedding dress?

And it’s no surprise, there are so many different shapes, silhouettes, design nowadays that any bride can get confused. A-line gown is practically a dress shaped in so called A-silhouette, meaning that the top is usually very narrow and tight, where the skirt gently flutters from the waist below, creating this A letter from your body, it is considered to be one of the most flattering wedding dresses designs for a bride of any body shape. 

Where to buy an A-line wedding dress?

If you were looking for a perfectly comfortable yet stunning wedding dress, then a-line is a great option indeed. If you wish to have a tight upper part and gently flowing skirt, then you can choose a-line wedding dress with sleeves and perhaps even lace motifs, but let the skirt be made of simple material, like a single piece of satin or chiffon. But of course, at Olivia Bottega it is never about boring, here you can find the most extravagant wedding dresses you have ever seen. Embrace your inner goddess with a perfect beady mural, decorating semi sweetheart top, and watch how hypnotizing dance of sequins scatters gently onto a tulle skirt. 

Olivia Bottega creates the most wonderful designs you will ever know, so if you are looking for an A-line gown or just browsing for window shopping’s sake, be sure to check out their website. 



This minimalist organza dress is made for the brides who appreciate simplicity, style and chic. Very sexy plunging neckline combined with a horseline on the bottom of the skirt, create this very genty and princessy Barbie like silhouette for any body shape, added by long sleeves looks very elegant. 


Shimmering Off-the-Shoulder Wedding Dress Melanie

If you need more sparkles, and trust us, we understand the struggle, here's a great idea - Milanie dress. Off-the-shoulder top is kind of twisted in a cute bow shape on your chest, emphasizing this tiny waist motif and of course the whole dress is covered in sparkly dust. A special attention deserves the back of the dress, it looks stunning. 


Satin Wedding Dress Sentea with Front Slit

Sentea dress is a very cute yet gentle option for your special day, Simple spaghetti straps top and plain glistening satin are a forever classics. Check out this gorgeous front leg slit, it will make you look like a forest nymph, and those unusually cute detachable puff sleeves will absolutely surprise every guest at your wedding. 

  Mikado Wedding Dress Gloria

Of course, a great way to style a-line wedding dresses is to make them in boho style. Gloria mikado a-line wedding gown is made for beach weddings, sweetheart corset, mixed with a very long train with huge bow makes the dress say: I love freedom. This dress is made to impress, it will surely be a great choice for an outside wedding. 


Sparkly Midi Evening Dress Soul

Soul dress is a great way of styling a-line in midi lengths. Midi is the new classics and of course, there is nothing cuter than sparkly dense skin tight spaghetti strapped top, in a mix with a lightweight tulle puffy skirt, to take you on a very beautiful journey to the country where dreams come true. 


Mikado Wedding Dress Florencia

It is never too much when it comes to weddings, and the Florencia dress is a perfect example. A-line semi sweetheart wedding dress is a sleeveless gown and in a perfect champagne shade, with a show stopping and never ending train, looks practically like every girl's dream dress, embellished by delicate white lace on the very front of the dress, to prolong the silhouette. 


Floral Lace Wedding Dress Blum

If you are looking for something absolutely unusual yet classic, we say to pay attention to the blum dress, Made of lightweight tulle of few layers, it is wholly decorated with flower murals, making the dress look very springtime like, romantic and very delicate. And this cute effect of inner shining is definitely going to ke your head going round. 


How can you ever make a final choice without checking out short wedding dresses? Yes, they can be an A-line too. Sparkly from the bottom to the top, off-the-shoulder mini dress is added by thick straps, to create a very gentle cascade from semi sweetheart top and open collarbones. Cute, playful and very elegant is going to be a great fit for the bride who would like to show off her legs.


Plus Size Sparkly Wedding Dress Klouzi

This plus-size Klouzi gown is going to be a great fit for any bride who wants to live her life to the fullest. Cute straight across top with a sparkly decorum all over, on very delicate spaghetti straps will add fragileness to you upper body, meanwhile the loose few layers of tulle skirt will balance out all of your beauty in a gorgeous vase silhouette


Off-the-Shoulder Wedding Dress Hope with Puffy Sleeves

Puffy sleeves in a combination with a-lines is something beyond beautiful. Hope dress is decorated with a super sparkly 3d applique on the semi sweetheart corset, and when we tell you that this off-the-shoulder manner with double layered half transparent sleeves looks absolutely stunning, we won’t be lying at all. Twisty tulle decorum on the corset gently flows into a slightly puffed a-line skirt, with, of course hidden from underneath shine, a dare to watch show. 


Extra Convertible Organza Front Slit Wedding Dress Audrey

You can be both lush and elegant if you get yourself a transformer wedding dress. Audrey dress is a 5 in 1 dress, meaning you can get up to 5 different looks, isn't it pretty? Light coral shade will be best seen on the very sunset, what a beautiful idea. Beautiful in every detail dress will make you fall in love with it and never want to take it off. Wear it with long sleeves, or remove any sleeves at all, add a cute bowtie on the lush skirt, or strip it down and show off your front leg slit, everything is possible in this dress. 

What is the difference between a ballgown and an A-line wedding dress?

If you are still confused, why to go with an A-line, and what is the difference between the, let's say ball gown, well, A-line is more subtle, more feminine, and elegant, while ball gowns are definitely extra luxurious and over the top extravaganza. Both can be modest and both can be sexy. Which one do you wanna be?

What to wear under an A-line wedding dress?

You can wear anything under an A-line wedding gown, but of course, do not forget to take off your bra straps if your dress is an off-the-shoulder one, and make sure that your underwear isn't too skin tight, so you can move freely all day and night long. 

To sum it up, yes, A-line wedding dresses indeed look great on everyone, no exceptions. Just make sure to choose the gown that makes you feel special and one of a kind, because after all, at Olivia Bottega you are your own inspiration.