How to choose a perfect wedding dress without making a mistake? – Olivia Bottega
How to choose a perfect wedding dress without making a mistake?

How to choose a perfect wedding dress without making a mistake?

Choosing the perfect bridal gown remotely may seem like a fair challenge, but let us assure you - this is only the first impression. 

Olivia Bottega made the process for you to choose your dreamy bridal gown so effortless, you won’t even have to lift a finger. Well, you may quite actually just take your phone into your hands, but after that - we make sure everything goes super smooth for you and your best experience with us. 

You surely have bought something online before, whether it is groceries, shoes, furniture, makeup, and other little things, but how can you commit to buying your wedding dress online? And the most important question is - how to buy it so perfectly that you are fully and absolutely satisfied with your choice?

Olivia Bottega knows everything there is to know about wedding dresses, wedding looks, and of course about each bride - how to fulfill her deepest wishes. 

Thousands of brides from all over the world had become happy owners of their unique bridal gowns by Olivia Bottega, the dresses to represent the bride at her core. 


1. Website and Instagram

The first step you need - check our website or Instagram @oliviabottega. We have convenient and easy navigation, you can choose the dress by the silhouette, the neckline, the skirt, the sleeves, shiny, sparkly, midi, mini, and so on. 

Every dress has so many pictures and quick descriptions of the fabrics used for that exact gown. This may be easy, just look at the model wearing this dress and then choose which look you wish to have. 

2. Take your measurements

Probably the most challenging step, however, we’ll help you out too. Write down your measurements by the instruction on our website, do not leave out even the smallest detail! The more correct measurements are, the better the dress will fit you! Do not hesitate to ask for help from someone if you are unable to do it yourself. 

How to measure

3. Virtual Appointments

The most third exciting step - let’s video call! You will be able to tell us more about yourself, and what you have in mind for your wedding look. We will also love to just follow your lead or give you some ideas of our own, depending on your looks, mood, temper, and so on. 

After all, it is not the dress that makes you look perfect, it is you making the dress perfect for yourself. 

Online Appointments

4. Let us help you decide

We settle down on the dress style, fabrics, customizations, and sizing, help you choose the veils, and give you other handy advice. 

4. Customize your dress

If you decide to add customizations to your dress whether it is mixing sleeves from one dress and the neckline from another and perhaps adding a detachable skirt from the third dress, it is all possible. We will give you the final cost right at bay so you won’t need to pay extra or be overcharged. Simple like that.

More examples of customization can be found here

5. Check the rewiews

You can always check out the reviews from the brides who have already made their purchase at Olivia Bottega and enjoyed it. Read carefully what was their experience, what they had in mind at first, and what their dress turned out to look like in the end. Ask for advice in the comment section, and browse Instagram or Pinterest one more time to make the decision final - you are getting your perfect dream dress at Olivia Bottega. 

Bride's reviews

6. Buy the dress!

FAQ section 

  • Can I return the dress if it doesn’t fit me?

Yes, you can do that according to our returns policy on our website.

  • Where do you deliver?

We deliver all over the world via DHL. Our delivery is quite fast, to learn more you can browse our website. 

  • How do I measure myself if I do not have a measuring tape?

We recommend going and getting one in the nearest Target. If it is impossible, just measure yourself with a thread and then measure the thread with a ruler. Or maybe your neighbor has one?

  • Can I also order the veil and other accessories?

You sure can! We have an amazing choice of accessories on our website! 

More frequently asked questions (FAQs) can be found here.

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