Mikado Wedding Dresses

A perfect way to create a perfect wedding look is absolutely to choose a Mikado fabric wedding gown. This beautiful fabric looks like a star that exploded millions years ago had finally arrived on Earth and became a very beautiful pearly river under the full moon’s light and magic, very charming.

Plus Size Convertible Mermaid Princess A-line Ball Gown Off-The-Shoulder With Sleeves Sparkle Midi & Short Leg Slit Empire Waist Long sleeve Satin Minimalist

18 products

18 products

Mikado Fabric Bridal Gowns

The way mikado wedding dress actually compliments every body type, skin tone and literally every other fabric and diamond or a hand embroidery with lace ornaments is just over the top extravagant and precious. Mermaid tails, trumpets, strapless corsets, off-the-shoulder plunging V-necks, long sleeves and long trains, lush skirts and minimalist midi dresses are a perfect way to celebrate your love union in a mikado bridal gown

The fabric is very dense and delicate, it really feels like silk on your skin, so all day and night long you will feel not only loved by your partner in your heart, but also feel taken care of on the outside by the precious touch of perfectly holding the shape of a mikado fabric wedding dressRock your look with rhinestone belts or dance the night away in your puffed skirt with creases and pockets while making Polaroids, a mikado fabric bridal gown will never let you down. 


  • What is a mikado wedding dress?

Mikado is a fabric, very dense but very silky at the same time. It holds the shape perfectly and at the same time very soft and natural on your skin.

  • Where can I find a mikado wedding dress?

You can choose a mikado wedding dress on our website. We have so many different styles of dresses in this type of fabrics, and we are sure you will find the dress of your liking wih ease.

  • What to wear under a mikado gown?

Mikado fabric is very soft and natural at the same time, meaning there should not be any seams underneath. We recommend you to choose a lace underwear or a silky one, avoid rubbers and thick layers.




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