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Frequently Asked Questions

At Olivia Bottega, we want you to feel confident in your purchase from us. Read through our frequently asked questions to learn more about us and how we work.


Who is Olivia Bottega?

Olivia Bottega started as a husband and wife team and has since expanded into a flourishing custom wedding dress boutique. Learn more on our About Us page.

How do I get started?

Start finding your dream wedding dress in a variety of ways:

  • Start with our Catalog and filter the results to your preferences
  • View our Bridesmaids Dresses to get a feel for how your wedding party can look
  • Contact us to speak with a designer and begin bringing the vision of your dress to life

You can also browse Our Blog for inspiration.

Can I really customize everything?

Most dresses can be customized! However, some dresses will have limitations with what can and cannot be customized. For example, with some dresses, you cannot mix-and-match the skirt and top. Other dresses you may not be able to swap buttons for zippers because it would compromise the structural integrity of the dress. In general, the possibility of customization depends on the dress and how you want to make changes.

For the most part, however, if you want something changed, we can make it happen. Just get in touch with us to get started!

How long will my dress take to make?

Depending on the level of customization, our production time is anywhere from 3 weeks to 2 months. Once your design is finalized, your designer will be able to provide you with a more specific estimate.

Once my dress is finished, how long does shipping take? When can I expect my dress to arrive?

This depends completely upon where you live. Generally speaking, our shipping times are as follows:

  • USA: 4–11 business days
  • Europe: 2–11 business days
  • Australia, New Zealand and Oceania: 14–18 business days

We do our best to meet these shipping times but cannot guarantee them. We strongly recommend ordering your dress as far in advance of your wedding day as possible. For more information, please see our Shipping Policies page.

How does your return process work?

You can return a custom-made dress if it does not contain personalized changes and does not exceed size 14. We accept returns if the dress was sent out of stock (no matter the size). Please see our Returns Policy for details.

Can I try on the dress before buying it?

Since we are a direct to consumer brand, we have exclusive collections and dresses only available online at our website. We are working hard currently on opening an offline store in the US. Please check out our reviews page to hear from brides who have found their dream dress with us!

Can I see the fabric before ordering?

Absolutely! We can send fabric samples for dresses that you are fond of.