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Our team

Olivia Bottega’s team is a true gem; each person is unique in its own way, with its own ideas, passions and views. Only combined together, multiplied by support of the brides from all over the world, true beauty begins to grow stronger and brighter together, represented in each and every stitch, fabric piece, every glitter, silhouette and finally, transformed into a beautiful design, inspired by everyone who touched it.

Glorious at its core, Olivia Bottega’s mission is to bring together love, sense of style and luxurious ideas of bridal looks, which will definitely inspire every bride, every lover and keep on spreading light all around. Let us tell you more about our dream team, that works hard and passionately every day to create something far beyond just beautiful dresses, but something more meaningful and gorgeous, such as making dreams a reality.



The most important thing you can find - is trust. I love that everyday, hundreds of brides from all over the world, trust us with something so great, something so dear to their core - their perfect wedding dress. I am never lacking inspiration in designs and in what the next step for me as a CEO of the company should be - because I always have my biggest inspiration - the brides, and a never-ending dream team force. I am glad to be able to create my own dream by making the dreams of others come true.



"I am glad to be a part of something that makes people happy. They may say it is not a man’s business sphere, however men also do have a vision of beauty, and I for a fact know how every groom feels when they see their lover walking down the aisle. I think it is important to bring beauty into this world, and I am glad to be a part of a team that is constantly working on creating something absolutely unique."


Digital Marketer

"Nowadays marketing is the leading power, which can easily connect the final customer and the producer. I am so glad to be able to bring my expertise in such a beautiful field, because I know for a fact, as a recent bride myself, how important and amazing it feels to finally have found the perfect dress. This feeling of bringing beauty to the world keeps me going and truly inspires me."


Head of Sales

When you start a business, it is always challenging, sometimes you are just not sure what you should do next, and you are responsible for a big team of people, you can’t let them down. The first and the main question you should have an answer within is: why do we matter? What makes us different from other bridal brands? Who really needs us? Lucky, for me I always know the answer, that is why I am truly blessed to be always working with such a great team of professionals, and get to create beautiful things too.


Manager of production

"Once you create the perfect dress, it is very wise to consider that for some brides this is not enough, and it is totally normal, all of us are unique and different. It brings me joy to customize dresses after each bride, because I want them to know how deeply appreciated she is and how her opinion is important to us, as a brand and to me personally. I will check the dress before it is shipped as many times as I need, because I want to make sure that every bride feels how great of a deal her dream is."


Head of Delivery Management

"No matter how busy the work flow is, my job is to thoroughly check the dress before shipping, to make sure that this is exactly what was ordered by the bride, in terms of quality, customization and coloring too. I always double check the sizing, the list of additional changes, whether it is detachable sleeves or a transformer skirt. I want to spread the vision of beauty, from the second the bride opens her parcel, until she puts on a dress, it is my responsibility to prepare the dress for its first date with the bride, so that both are absolutely satisfied with each other."


Shipping Manager Assistant

"I am so glad to be working in such a beautiful sphere, because even in the way the dress is shipped something delicate always exists. It is my pleasure to treat every dress with care, handle it carefully and imagine the bride's eyes when she opens the package. After all, this is the final stage of the whole process, after every team member has already contributed something into the dress, it is my mission to make sure the dress is delivered and received on time."


Social Media Marketing

"I always believed that Olivia Bottega is a place where dreams will come true in the most beautiful and gorgeous way possible. I never stopped believing in the power of love and beauty. It brings me joy to work with such an amazing team on something that is really meaningful to me, and I am sure every bride that chose Olivia Bottega’s dress really understands what we are all here about."



"Advertising has always been my passion, when I know that there is a bride that needs to hear about the fact that her wedding dress can be brought to life, when I simply know that there is someone who wants to get married so badly that they create mood boards and get inspiration for their lock screen, that’s when I know I am doing exactly what I was born to do – bringing beauty to as many eyes as possible."



"I am always fascinated by how to piece together comfort and sense of style. Olivia Bottega’s dress options are basically endless, and I want to make sure that the website represents this idea. I want to make it easy for the bride to navigate around pages and to find the dress effortlessly, as well as submit purchasing and of course, comfortably connect to the consultant."


Sales Manager

"Sales, as people always knew before, are long gone. We are the new era, new generation and to me personally, sales aren’t about selling something to someone. I really want to know your dream, I really wish to hear all of your crazy ideas, and no matter how outrageous the bride may think they will sound. I am proud to say, I am selling dreams, because I really wish to see every bride happy and totally satisfied with her choice."


Sales Manager

"I really wish to know what the bride wants to see, even if she is confused and doesn’t know, there is still some type of image in her heart. My job is to make sure that I am able to find that image, piece it together and help the bride to get her dream dress. Any inquiry, question or idea – I am always here to help!"


Sales Manager

I always knew I was made for something great, but I never knew what that would be. Once Olivia Bottega and I connected, I knew that this is what my passion is about - to spread dreams, beauty and luxury around the planet. The more you give, the more you get. And I live by that in every sphere of my life.


Head of Manufacture

"I always knew that my deepest passion lies in understanding the technical parts of the tailoring process; I am just deeply involved in the process of getting the next design idea pop in my head, and then watch how it becomes alive from the paper. Sometimes it is a weird feeling, when something you had in the back of your head becomes a realistic vision on the mannequin, but it is always a rewarding process and when I see a bride wearing that new dress we just created, it is truly amazing."



"I enjoy creating things, and even if I am unable to tailor beautiful dresses, I can do my best to represent these dresses through the web, and it is in some sort of art too. It is up to me how the dress is perceived by the public eye, how brides and bridesmaids will react when they open the website and what is going to be more logical – to put a cart button here, or a customization one? No one knows better than me."



It is very exciting to me to be able to transform any idea into a simple yet catchy text, to make sure that Olivia Bottega’s heart talks to brides through words, by me. I get inspired and sometimes too carried away with allegories, but I am always present when it comes to witnessing beautiful designs, people and one big mission working together to make more and more brides happy.