Elise | Fabric Sample

Elise | Fabric Sample

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* In the case of shipping to other countries, we will issue you a coupon on the dress purchase to compensate you for the delivery of the swatches. The coupon can be used on subsequent purchase of the dress.

  • Satin light ivory
  • Satin beige
  • Glitter "Udjin"
  • Lace
  • Beads
  1. Plus Size Elise
  2. Elise

We recommend asking the consultant about customization possibilities, to choose the right fabric samples for you to test.

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Fanny SL
Gorgeous Samples, Excellent Servie

I ordered samples for three dresses as I was torn between two in particular (the Miranda dress and the Heist dress) and the samples I received were absolutely stunning! It made all the difference to be able to see the fabrics in real life, to hold them and to see how they look in different lights. The service I received was super fast and very professional. Kristina (with whom I was emailing) was very helpful in suggesting that I picked a third sample as the Miranda dress and the Heist dress have the same fabric – something that I did not know. I can highly recommend getting samples of the dresses you're interested in beforehand!

Jasmine Prater
Beautiful Samples, Super Fast Delivery!

I received samples for the Enn dress and was very happy with what I received. All of the swatches are large (close to 6" x 4") and all of the varieties of my dress materials. I only ordered swatches for one dress, but it made my decision on which color and fabrics to use so much easier. I was going to pick a different glittery overlay until I saw the default in person and loved it so much more than the one I thought would look better. I was also impressed with how soft the material that holds the lace feels against my skin. I don't like fabrics that are itchy and this one isn't at all! I am so excited to order my dress! Also, the time from ordering to receiving the product was surprisingly fast, especially for international! If you are on the fence about ordering one of these dresses due to the fabric choices, order these swatches! You will be pleasantly surprised!

Eileen Kielbasa
Samples fabric

So worth it ,we are ordering today!!!

Lynelle F.
Sample of Fabric

My order initially got lost in the mail. But once I messaged Olivia Bottega asking about it, they resent it same day and even included a free gift! Great customer service and the samples are beautiful!

There was a bit of delay in the delivery p...

There was a bit of delay in the delivery process but Ana contacted me right away when she found out. The swatches come in little bags that are made of the same glitter veil material that she uses. The inner lining for the Airis2in1 is a nice tight knit kind of polyester feel which is soft against the skin and has a bit of stretch to it. The Enn dress lining is a satin which feels like the regular kind of matte satin that's a little harder material with not much stretch. The lace has some clear sequins sewn into it so it glitters a bit in the light! The mesh that it comes with is smooth and not scratchy at all. If I rub the glitter bits very hard it starts to flake off a little, but for regular use I don't think there would be any issues with shredding. Everything looks so pretty and beautiful!