Sweetheart Neckline Wedding Dress Klouzi with spaghetti straps – Olivia Bottega

Ever wondered whether a sweetheart neckline is still relevant for weddings? Absolutely yes! Here is our Klouzy dress to support this idea. Spaghetti straps are drawing all of the attention to your back, neck, and arms, of course! A sparkly silver corset is tight enough to hold you alongside with your partner, despite all of the shiver on your special day! And here is another thing we adore about this beautiful gown: you can choose a midi-length skirt or a full-length one. If you go for a midi length, it is super trendy and will also balance your look with an open ankle and high heels. Stunning! If you go for a full length, it will look very classy and romantic on your special night. Both of them will be tattooed on your mind in perfect memories.

For sizes 18 and above, we recommend raising the back of the corset customization, for a flawless and comfortable fit.

Important info: The width of the lacing area on the back of the wedding dress can range from 1" to 6", depending on measurements and the level of tightening. 

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Sweetheart Neckline Wedding Dress Klouzi with spaghetti straps

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