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18 Disney-Inspired Wedding Dresses for a Magical Celebration

18 Disney-Inspired Wedding Dresses for a Magical Celebration

Are you a Disney-loving bride-to-be? If you've ever dreamt of having your own fairy tale wedding, get ready to make those dreams come true. This article is a true treasure trove of enchanting wedding dresses inspired by our favorite Disney princesses. We've handpicked 18 absolutely magical dresses, with two designs for each princess: one looks similar to each princess’ dress, and the other is the one we’ve picked for her ;) Let's dive into the magic and explore these Disney-inspired wedding dresses!


For the adventurous spirit, channel your inner mermaid. We think that Acerola and Eva dresses represent Ariel’s vibe the best. One design captures the ocean's essence with flowing layers of organza resembling waves and sea foam, while the other features a stunning iridescent bodice, reminiscent of Ariel's shimmering tail.


Gorgeous off-the-shoulder voluminous dress is very reminiscent of what Ariel wore to her wedding. We are sure everybody has seen the 2023 remake and we loved Halle Bailey. Here’s something to capture the strong spirit and power of the sea: impressive organza and creases around the top. Gentle front leg slit and flowing fabrics are everything you need to steal the little mermaid’s style.  


Eva dress is something we think Ariel should consider wearing to her wedding. If it was up to us, we’d recommend this dress for a number of reasons: mermaid silhouette obviously, shimmering fabric shine like a mermaid’s tail, while the detachable bow-train is a super fashionable and show-stopping fishtail, a dress worthy of a princess indeed. 


Live out your Cinderella moment with two enchanting dresses. One design showcases a dazzling ball gown silhouette and intricate beading, while the other captures the essence of Cinderella's transformation with a magical square neckline and royal details.


The Priscilla gown is a tribute to Cinderella’s dress. With thick straps and a square neckline, the ballgown silhouette is worthy of a royal bride indeed. Gentle fabric shines like the moonlight, while a voluminous skirt and over-the-top stunning silhouette will make you forget about being home by midnight.


If we were the fairy godmother, Cinderella would have worn our Melanie dress. Timeless sparkly classic with an off-the-shoulder top, flowy a-line skirt, and magical sparkling would have taken the spot right away. And no, we’d recommend not wearing glass slippers, but rather Valentino or Versace shoes. 


Celebrate the spirit of Tiana with gowns that embody both elegance and determination. One design features exquisite floral embroidery and a dreamy ball gown silhouette, while the other showcases a modern lush silhouette with subtle nods to the bayou ;)


This gorgeous sleeveless gown represents a strong spirit and adventurous soul. Beautiful blooming murals all over the corset and skirt are covering the train too. Like a lily pad, this is a beautiful and sparkly dress for a bride whose favorite princess is Tiana.


Serenity dress is a great choice for an outdoor wedding, blooming corset with a straight across neckline, lush skirt and a front leg slit with inner shimmering is everything you need if you have found your prince and after the true love’s kiss you both realized it was true love. 


Embrace the innocence and grace of Snow White with two delightful designs. One dress enchants with a classic silhouette and magic-inspired details, while the other exudes fairy tale charm with delicate cap sleeves and a romantic lush silhouette.


Cardi wedding dress will be a classy choice for the bride who feels inspired by watching Snow White’s journey. Off-the-shoulder decollete line with tasteful organza fabric and a sexy front leg slit. This dress is a must-have for a bride.


Baily dress represents Snow White’s cheerful spirit, kindness, and magic. Beautiful butterflies scattering all over the lush skirt, cap sleeves, and a gorgeous silhouette are yours to have if you feel like it. 


Feel like Sleeping Beauty in Aurora-inspired gowns. One design exudes ethereal elegance with delicate lace and a romantic ball gown silhouette, while the other enchants with a soft pink hue and graceful layers of organza.


We all remember how the fairies couldn’t choose the final color, so we offer something in between. Light coral shade for the most convertible Audrey dress ever, that will give you all the looks and glances throughout your magical night.


Soft and glamorous, this dress represents magic and love, a true love’s kiss with these glorious details of a sparkly beaded top, a plunging neckline, and long sleeves. Add a tulle skirt to it and you’re ready to never fall asleep again. 


Fall down the rabbit hole with two whimsical dresses inspired by Alice. One design captures her whimsy with a tea-length skirt and playful details, while the other enchants with an ethereal hue and delicate accents.


Soul wedding dress is the ultimate choice for the bride who wishes to wake up in a wonderland. Beautiful semi-sweetheart corset, lush midi skirt and sparkles - all you need for the tea party of your life.


This Kay dress is something different. Sparkles, short length with beautiful flowers are made for you to walk down that aisle with the biggest Cheshire cat’s smile. 


Be the belle of the ball with two stunning Belle-inspired gowns. One design embraces the beauty of the iconic yellow ball gown, while the other captivates with a romantic off-the-shoulder silhouette and intricate floral motifs.


This glorious masterpiece is a modern representation of what Belle wore to her first ball with the Beast. And while we all have hotsies for the prince, you must enjoy delicate lace, sparkles, long sleeves and a sweeping train of the biggest convertible ball gown ever.


Glorious and magnifique, Priscilla dress is a great choice for a modern Belle bride. Semi-sweetheart silhouette, gorgeous ball gown skirt, and glistening fabric. Beautiful from the inside and on the outside too. 


Let it go and embrace the enchantment of Elsa with two mesmerizing designs. One dress shimmers with delicate ice-blue details and ethereal tulle, while the other dazzles with intricate beadwork and a regal cape-inspired train.


Extra sparkly Melanie dress looks very down to earth yet super royal for a bride who admires Elsa. Let it go in style and enjoy a wild celebration with an a-line silhouette and an off-the-shoulder style.


We all remember the biggest lesson Elsa learned - love. And this glorious dress Loveisa represents all you need. Sexy sheath silhouette, off-the-shoulder cut, front leg slit, and immense sparkling for your biggest night. 


Embark on a magic carpet ride with two exotic designs inspired by Jasmine. One dress captures her adventurous spirit with flowing silhouettes and intricate shiny embellishments, while the other exudes Arabian night’s charm with a sultry off-the-shoulder neckline and billowing sleeves.


This gown with gentle off-the-shoulder sleeves and a beautiful A-line flowing skirt represents charm, courage, and love for freedom. Enjoy getting all the compliments on your big night when wearing a Lumy dress.


Gorgeous Arabian-inspired look, puffy lantern sleeves, and a sexy plunging neckline. Add everlasting shimmering to it and you’re set to have your most unforgettable magic-carpet starry night ride. 

Whenever you’re ready to bring your Disney dreams to life, with this selection of Disney-inspired wedding dresses it will be very easy and full of happiness. Whether you've always wanted to be a mermaid like Ariel, dance at the ball like Cinderella, or embrace your inner ice queen like Elsa, these gowns will make you feel like the princess you truly are. Embrace the magic, let your imagination soar, and make your wedding day a fairy tale come true! Remember, happily ever afters do exist.

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