Detachable Wedding Skirts


      Ever wondered how to save money yet celebrate the big wedding, without purchasing another dress? We created a few beautiful options for you, it is something very high fashion, unique and of course absolutely convenient - wedding skirt, and not just any skirt, a detachable skirt for your wedding.

      21 products

      21 products

      Removable Skirt For Wedding Dress

      Removable skirts are a super great idea because you can within minutes turn your dress into an absolutely different one, without changing your looks, heels or grooms ;) You can choose a very subtle and minimalist dress that you can practically wear out after your wedding too, and put on the perfect accessory of your choosing - a skirt that easily separates from the dress, get some nice pictures in a true princess gown setting, and then when you rush to the dance floor just slip back into your minimalist sophisticated dress.

      Detachable skirts are lush, royal and absolutely gorgeous, easy to attach and to remove and of course will fit absolutely any type of dress. The opportunities are endless, the only thing known for sure is you absolutely won’t regret purchasing a detachable skirt because it is a true money and time savior. 


      What is a detachable wedding skirt for a bridal dress?

      Detachable wedding skirt is a very convenient way to get 2 dresses for the price of one. Detachable skirt can be added to a dress by a zipper, buttons or else, it allows the bride to get 2 different sets of dress, aka mermaid gown and a detachable princess gown’s skirt.

      Where to buy a detachable wedding skirt?

      Check all the possible variations for detachable skirts here.