Winter Wedding Dresses

Every wedding is an absolute perfect time to imagine and think through every little detail on these most romantic times for those who are uniting their lives in a holy matrimony, but every season has its own perks that should absolutely be paid attention to. And our most favorite wedding season is of course the winter weddings. This snowy season 2022/23, we gathered the best options for you only, based on what our beautiful brides share, so you can be absolutely assured that these dresses are a perfect fit for your wonderful snow fairytale day. 

Plus Size Convertible Mermaid Princess A-line Ball Gown Off-The-Shoulder With Sleeves Sparkle Midi & Short Leg Slit Empire Waist Long sleeve Satin Minimalist

132 products

132 products

Winter Wedding Dresses & Gowns 2022/2023

You can go wild on train lengths and silhouettes, the wide majority of all different fabrics that are going to make that moment of you watching how the snow falls and the way it glistens, playing off the sequin shine and brightening your smile too.  Add a cardigan, add a wedding shawl or even a light fur coat, you’ll still be the most beautiful. Wind plays with your hair as it does with the tulle fabrics and puffy long sleeves - ugh, hard to resist.

Whether you and your lover choose a wonderland with winter picturesque views with evergreen trees and mountains, or keep it classic in a luxurious hotel lobby, this is truly the most magical day. This is a perfect time to play with themed weddings and choose an absolutely stunning gown, princess gown, mermaid silhouette, even double layered skirt - anywhere where your mind wanders off. 

Pay attention to dresses that will be scattered from head to toe in pearls and sparkles, tightening your silhouette corsets, to help you handle the shivers, longer sleeves that will repeat the same lace ornaments as the dress, or go for a convertible dress option - we got you, girl. We will make sure that the dress you’re choosing is an absolute dream dress of yours, because this is what we’re here for. You can be elegant with satin sleeves, or wear a playful bohemian lushy dress, or be anything that you desire - because you deserve it. 

Feel confident while combining warmer dress and stylish ideas for the most memorable night in your life. 


What is a winter wedding dress?

Winter wedding dress is usually a bridal gown that is made of more dense fabrics and covers more of your skin - like longer sleeves, covered back or lush layered skirt. Because winter's climate may differ, so does a dress of your choosing. Therefore, you do not need to consider the weather first, because we also have a few options of how to keep you warm - with a cardigan, a jacket and so on. Just click on winter dresses at our website and see for yourself.

Where can I find a winter wedding dress?

We have a lot of options for winter wedding dresses and so many beautiful ideas on how to celebrate your perfect wedding wedding in a perfectly suitable gown. Just click the winter dresses page on our website and choose any dress that you like. Please consider that you can add a cardigan, a shawl or a bridal winter jacket. 

When to buy a winter wedding dress?

To make a winter wedding dress is usually the same amount of time as a regular dress making, at Olivia Bottega around 3-12 weeks, depending on the workload and the details of the dress, so you should consider this amount of time, to have enough time for the dress to be delivered. We also have dresses in stock and off-the rail, which takes only a few days to process, in case of a very fast upcoming wedding!