Sheath Wedding Dresses

Wedding dress choosing is a very big deal, the silhouettes, colors, forms, beads, sequins and so on. Despite choosing the least noticeable details, like should there be lace on the veil or sparkles, you also need to make sure that the dress is appropriate to the season, the weather, mood of the venue and even be satisfactory to your wallet too. Best and trust us, the most appropriate wedding gown style dress, is no doubt - a sheath silhouette dress.

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31 products

Sheath & Column Style Wedding Gowns

 We are pretty sure you must have known since childhood that you want a lush princess ball gown dress, but times change and so does fashion and yes princess dresses are still very popular, but the true pace holder now is column dresses and there are lots of reasons why to that. 

Sheath dresses are obviously a great fit to nearly every body type, they are chic, they are classy and absolutely gorgeous. Sheath dress would look very stylish at any setting - nature wedding, restaurant, house or even a caste wedding. Most of the time sheath type of dresses are so convenient, you can ever wear them to any other occasion, and to not let it sit in the drawer forever. Skin tight or even lush at the bottom, midi length or even mini skirt, and of course long royal trains and sexy slits to show off your legs - everything is possible here. Column types of dresses are good at prolonging your body figure, determining your waist, showing off your beautiful decollette line and narrowing down your hips in a most illusionist way to create a perfect hourglass shape. 

And of course these dresses can be absolutely minimalist or over the top sparkly and shiny, it’s only up for you what to choose. 


  • What is a sheath wedding dress?

Sheath wedding dress is called that way because it is literally wrapping your body like a sheath. Usually this type of dress is very skin-tight, sometimes double layered, maybe even put on like a robe, and definitely lightens up all of your body curves.

  • Are sheath wedding dresses flattering?

Sheath wedding dress is an absolutely flattering type of dress to every body type. It is skin tight, but it is usually made in such a manner that it visually creates this hourglass effect on any figure.

  • Where to buy a sheath wedding dress?

You can see that we have a really wide range of different sheath dresses on our website. Just decide what fabrics you like more and what kind of an effect you wanna reach with a sheath dress and choose the one.




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