Let us help make your fashion dreams a reality! Our store offers trendy designs for every budget, inspired by our brides. Don't settle for one dress - customize and blend elements for a unique look. We can personalize fabric, sleeves, skirt, back, pockets, and more to bring your bridal vision to life.


Dear brides, we recommend max 3 customizations per dress. Too many changes can affect the look & price (up to 1.5x). The sum of customizations must not exceed 6. Our consultants will be happy to help you create your perfect dress.

Choose a perfect dress that you like but wish to adjust a little.

Find out the parts that you would like to change (is it different color, fabrics, sleeves, train length, or something else?).

Message us with your ideas and our staff will do everything possible to help you with adjustments, and whether this or that customization is possible. Then settle the list of all customizations with our staff.

Purchase the dress. Modifications are usually paid, while size alterations are always free.

Tailoring takes 9-15 weeks, but always depends on each dress. You can learn more from your bridal assistant.

When the dress is ready to be packed and shipped, we will send you a video of the final result.

Receive your own and one of a kind wedding dress of your dreams.


Of course, we are always happy to accommodate your personal requests and add something to this list. Other types of customization are also available:*


Price: on request

Combine 2 dresses

Mix two dresses for a unique, beautiful result!

Price: on request

Dress color

Dress colors can be adjusted, from white or nude, to beige, red, golden, and even black.

Detachable details 

Add a detachable skirt

A detachable skirt is a great way to get two looks for one price. It's easy, quick and never boring. Plus, you can customize your skirt with a belt, slit, etc. - just message us for more info!

Add a bow

Adding a lovely bow is a great way to customize any dress. It adds a touch of playfulness, chicness and romance. Plus, it's very trendy!

Detachable straps

Detachable straps are a great way to flaunt your collarbones and shoulders. They offer a two-in-one dress solution and you can modify their thickness for different looks.

Price: on request

Add bolero to a lacy dress

A lace bolero can add something special to your perfect lace dress. Let us know what you prefer and we'll tell you if it's possible and how much it would cost.

Price: on request

Make belt detachable

Do you want to add a detachable 'belt' to your dress? Ask our consultant if it's possible; we can add a belt line to any dress of your choosing. Detachable or not, it's up to you!

Matching veil & detachable sleeves help

Finding a perfect dress can be daunting, but we're here to help choose a matching veil and detachable sleeves so you have a stunning ensemble.


Price: on request

Changed neckline

Want to customize a dress' neckline? We are happy to help - halter, square, v-neck, semi-sweetheart, bateau - let us know and we'll make it happen!

Add boning

Our dresses can be altered with built-in boning for better shape and a flat tummy. Message us to find out more.

Raised neckline

Necklines are tailored for each bride with additions like deep décolleté, tulle/satin, lace, halter, or draped.

Price: on request

Lined bodice

We can add a lining/lined bodice to your dress to wear without underwear. State your preferences and we'll discuss the details.


Price: on request

Change back design

If you want to modify your dress, msg us to find out what's poss! Open or closed back, covered in illusion tulle & sequins- your dress can be whatever you dream!

Price: on request

Change the dress fastener option

Change corset to zipper, or add buttons? Just let us know.

Covered back

For a chilly wedding, a backless dress looks great & keeps you warm too.


Price: on request

Change sleeves

Change sleeves style: ¾, Long, Shorten (¾ and elbow). Other fabric & design requests? Get in touch!

Price: on request

Add sleeves instead of straps

Change sleeves to straps or go sleeveless? Let us know and we'll do our best.

Price: on request

3/4 sleeves instead of wrist length sleeves

Shorter sleeve styles often give a different, stylish look to a dress.


Price: on request

Change the dress length

Easily adjust any dress to your perfect length: midi or mini. Prices may vary.

Leg slit

Add a slit to your skirt for a seductive look! Can be side, mid, or back. Cute!

Added petticoat

Transform any dress into a princess ball gown using a petticoat. Order it with your A-line gown and get ready to stun.


Add pockets to dense fabric dresses, e.g. mikado or atlas skirts, for convenient access to phone/necessities on special days.


Price: on request

Shorter/longer train

All brides vary in height, so it's OK to customize. Choose a subtle, custom, or long length, just remember someone will have to carry it! Final cost depends on fabrics and train length.

Price: on request

Add buttons to the train

Want to add a unique touch to your dress? Add a button line, perfect for a romantic look! Ask your consultant about prices and options.

Add a bustle

We can add a bustle to your skirt just like on the picture for only 50$! Let us know if you want to make this subtle change.


Price: on request

Change the dress fabric

Found your perfect dress, but feel like something's missing? Choose the fabric you want it made of and we'll alter it for you!

Price: on request

Choose mesh (illusion tulle) shade

Choose an illusion tulle shade for your dress. Let us know your desired color & dress; we'll do our best to help your dreams come true.

Price: on request

Extra layer of sparkly tulle

Final price dependent on dress. More sparkles? We'd be delighted to add a layer of sparkly tulle for added lightness and air.

Price: on request

Make the dress sparkly

We can add glittery fabric to your dress for extra shine, or be creative with other options. Tell us your ideas and we'll see if it's possible or suggest sparkly alternatives.

Price: on request

Additional fabric

Buy extra fabric for your dress at your sew store (up to 1m).