Lace Wedding Dresses

Nothing speaks true romance quite like a lace wedding dress. The material wraps around your body like beautiful poetry, making your special day truly one of a kind. It is astonishing how versatile lace fabric can be: it can evoke memories of long gone times of chivalry, of brave knights and dignified princesses, or it can bring you straight to the modern day with its latest trends of dresses reminiscent of the lightest feather-like clouds.

Plus Size Convertible Mermaid Princess A-line Ball Gown Off-The-Shoulder With Sleeves Sparkle Midi & Short Leg Slit Empire Waist Long sleeve Satin Minimalist

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38 products

Lace bridal gowns

So, whether you fancy some vintage chic, or modern comfort and simplicity – you cannot go wrong with such timeless elegance as a lace wedding gown.  

There are several popular types of lace bridal dresses, including simple silhouettes with a-line neck, mermaid gowns and boho style dresses. The appeal of lace is in its ability to perfectly match any of those styles. And of course, we are not to forget how amazingly well lace looks on all types of figures and skin tones, serving any bride’s needs and desires. Another great quality that can be found in all lace dresses is their comfort. So, if you want to not only look magical but also feel great on your wedding day – a lace gown is definitely something to consider.


  • What are lace bridal gowns?

Lace bridal gown is literally a gown made of lace. Usually lace patterns are placed upon transparent tulle or white tulle, decorated with sequins or beads and usually put in a pattern - flower or just mosaic. Lace wedding gown is a very romantic and modest option.

  • Can lace wedding dresses be altered or hemmed?

Yes, definitely so. Any dress can be altered and hemmed easily, we also provide the service of customizing any wedding dress, whether it needs to be changed in size or maybe added something or removed something. You can definitely alter any lace gown from our store.

  • Is a lace wedding dress more expensive?

Lace wedding dress is not more expensive than any other dress, it all depends on each dress separately. We have a lot of different lace gowns on our website so you can choose the one that falls easily into your budget.




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