Detachable Straps For Wedding Dress


      Detachable straps are a great way to make your dress more unique than ever. Olivia Bottega’s wide selection of off-the-shoulder dresses with unique cuts, semi sweethearts tops, straight across, plunging and even a mix of all, will be beautifully decorated and turned into something very fresh just for you with a very simple and quick touch as detachable straps.

      5 products

      5 products

      Removable straps for wedding dresses

      Offered in various options, detachable straps will absolutely sparkle up your perfect wedding look. Top quality fabrics selection will make sure that you feel yourself on top of the world, because you are so worth it. You can choose detachable straps from the same fabrics as your dress, or combine different transparency of top and skirt, this will look just marvelous. Choose detachable straps of transparent nets, with 3d lace applique, covered in shimmers, made of tulle, organza, or even mikado. The best part about detachable straps is that they can be worn in an off-the-shoulder manner and of course, as a straps too.
      Choose the thickness of your straps, do you wish for them to be wide, thin, wider at the top and smaller at the place of attaching to the dress, or maybe you can think of something else that only you will appreciate. It is very easy to stand out in your perfect bridal gown, and detachable straps will be a perfect solution. Choose an off-the-shoulder straight across top, and by a quick touch your dress will transform from extra stylish to super romantic, and vice versa.
      Detachable straps worn on the loose will add playfulness and lightness to the final look, worn with your hair up or down, this magical and elegant element of the bridal gown will absolutely bring all of the attention to your fragile shoulder and collarbones, transforming your body image into a glorious hourglass shape just like that.


      What are detachable straps for wedding dresses?

      Detachable straps for a wedding dress mean that you can easily remove or add the straps to your dress.

      Where to buy bridal removable straps for bridal gowns?

      You can browse through all the detachable straps here.