Bridesmaid Dresses

For a truly coordinated wedding, your bridesmaids need a one-stop online shop for their dresses. Go traditional with one matching dress style and color, or choose the color you prefer and let your bridesmaids pick their dress style. Either way, your bridal party will look amazing in our breathtaking styles and silhouettes. Choose from a wide range of different lengths, necklines, and sleeve options. Keep your bridal party in a minimalist style to draw attention to your own wedding dress, or give them some extra dazzle with unique embellishments.

63 products

63 products

High-Quality Designer Styles

Olivia Bottega’s online selection of bridesmaid dresses are designed in-house by fashion artisans who know the wedding scene inside and out. We have years of experience bringing brides and their bridal party the latest styles and trends, as well as vintage-inspired throwbacks. We use only the highest quality fabrics and materials to create elegant bridesmaid dresses for semi-formal affairs to the most prestigious events.

Customize the Look

Like our wedding dresses, our online collection of bridesmaid dresses can be customized to suit your preferences. Depending on the dress style, we may be able to add or remove lace, tulle, beading, sequins, and other accents. Contact our designers to explore your options for creating the perfect set of dresses for your bridal party.

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How much should bridesmaid dresses cost?

Usually, the bride provides the amount she wants to spend on her bridesmaid’s dresses. You can find here the selection of our bridesmaid dresses and find the ones that suit your budget.

How do you dress as a bridesmaid?

You can set a specific color tone for your wedding, or simply choose the dresses that you like the most.