We understand the questions and hesitation of purchasing a wedding dress online, the stress of an upcoming event must be very annoying and we only wish to help you out, instead of stressing you out more. You can try out just getting the samples first, before making your one and only purchase with us. 

      You can choose the swatch set of a few dresses you’re interested in. The sets are combined in this way, so that you can get a better understanding of the quality of the dresses and the difference among fabrics that your dream dresses are made of.

      • We have free delivery of fabric’s swatches to the USA/Canada (exception is "Basic Sample | Other Dresses", that is recommended to be ordered only in case you haven't found the set of swatches that you are interested in).
      • Delivery to the rest of the world is not free, however we do provide you with a coupon for the following dress purchase, to cover the amount of swatches delivery.

      22 products

      22 products