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After your fiancé proposes, the thoughts and ideas about how your wedding day will play out start swimming around in your mind. There are so many details to hammer out, and how your wedding dress will look is a big piece of the puzzle. There are so many different options to choose from. You can go completely traditional with a vintage style, a long train, and a veil, or you can find more modern options that are all the rage today. If you want to explore all the possibilities, our wedding dress bridal blog is the perfect place to start. We’ll help you understand the various wedding dress cuts, styles, materials, and fashion trends throughout different generations.

Find Inspiration

Our wedding dress blog can help those creative juices flow with inspiration and ideas for how your dream wedding will look. Decipher the best styles for the season of your wedding, learn what’s outdated and what’s the current buzz, discover unique embellishments, and so much more! Our designers are sharing their passion and expertise in wedding attire with you in these wedding dress guides. Follow us on social media to find even more inspiration for your special day.

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Once you’ve read up on our tips and tricks, browse our wedding dress collections to find the perfect gown for you! We carry a wide variety of stunning styles and silhouettes!

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Also, check out our featured dresses section! Contact our designers to help guide you in creating a wedding dress that resonates with your personal taste. Combine the accents and styles you love to make your dream wedding dress at Olivia Bottega.