18 Best New Wedding Dresses by Olivia Bottega

Trends may change as the time goes by, but there is a forever classic in something as beautiful as weddings. Yes, there are absolutely dresses that are out of style, or not the most popular ones, however at Olivia Bottega a great team of designers is working day and night to make sure that they do not just follow the trends, but create something timeless and fashionable. 

We are very glad and excited to present to you our brand new wedding dresses, 11 styles filled with aesthetic, love, sparkles and romantic vibes. Let us take you on a journey, we are pretty sure you have never been before, so elegant and bold, this is the new era of the bridal gown’s game. 

Allow yourself to have the most ravishing and luxurious dresses ever, because you are so worth it. Inspired by you and created for you only, it is time to witness how the phoenix is born setting fire to ashes of old stigma of outdated wedding dresses. 

1. Lovisa

Let’s start our hit parade of the best new 11 wedding dresses by Olivia Bottega, by our most romantic and sparkliest dress - Lovisa. The way this dress represents true beauty and sophistication, combines different styles and looks timelessly fashionable is truly stunning. 

Mermaid cut of the dress makes it hard not to stare or fall in love with it instantly. Gentle straight across and marvelous draping around the corset, intertwined with off-the-shoulder thick straps, skin tight mermaid skirt and a front leg slit, and over the top luxuriously shimmering fabric. This dress is what Love is about. 

2. Wilma

3. Marthe

Endlessly and god-like beautiful sheath dress is everything you need to feel special and very gorgeous. Sexy semi-sweetheart top and half transparent corset details are fully covered in sparkly dust, to make sure that you shine like a mirrorball.

Gentle glitter fabric and a very skin tight skirt with a front leg cutout will make you feel extra feminine and very sexy. A dress that will make your shine seen from outer space, like very beautiful sun rays reflected off the water surface. Be careful, not to get blinded by the shiny lights of love and style.

4. Wolfia

Wedding dress Wolfia is a perfect vessel of love and style combined. Short wedding dress will always stand out on all the Pinterest mood boards, gentle V-neck cutout will be a perfect decoration for your cleavage. The whole dress is covered in a very peculiar shiny dot motif, to bring more uniqueness to your wedding day. Over the top sparkly dress is a perfect way to celebrate your love union. Gently opened back and a huge bow behind your hips marvelously transforms into a perfect train made of ribbons, finishing the look just right. Double layered bow is so pretty you can’t take your eyes off it, so glorious and very romantic. Get the perfect tulip skirt short bridal gown with a very lovely bowtie to feel extra pretty.

5. Ella

Next in line but not in prettiness, sparkling and luxurious wedding gown Assol. A-line silhouette is a never off limit classic, that looks good on every body type. Long bishop sleeves are absolutely adding some mystery and class to the dress, semi transparent and shimmering is very darling to watch  

    Soft and flaunting skirt is extravagantly romantic, especially with that breathtaking front leg slit that reveals your soft and magnetic skin. From afar, the way the deep plunging decollette balances the slit on the skirt looks amazing, highly recommended for a minimalist yet stunning look. 

    6. Rakel

    Let’s take a look at a short wedding dress, now it is becoming more and more trendy, so luxurious, cute and stunning. Rakel dress is made for brave brides, who arent afraid to take the lead in this world.  Semi sweetheart decollete and spaghetti straps top, is decorated in a cute way with a very lush shimmering skirt, very adorable.  

    This dress can be worn on your own wedding or to any other gathering, you only live once so there is no shame in being extra. A Ballerina-like wedding dress will be a perfect choice for a modern day bride.


    7. Chloe

    The Chloe dress impresses with its simplicity and love to small details, so any bride who appreciates these things, will be very excited to choose this as the one and only dress of her dreams. 

    Satin and truly floor length gown is a perfect way to celebrate your love union. Unusual and sophisticated transparent bolero on top of your shoulders is decorated with tiny pearls, added with a semi sweetheart dense corset and a fluttering skirt, with a very sexy front leg slit. This dress is designed like a tulip, because you are the most gentle flower of them all. Back of the bolero is decorated with cute and gentle button line of pearls, therefore, the whole look is just perfect. 

    8. Kerstin

    Sleeveless gown is always a very good choice for a wedding, why? Because it reveals the most fragile and feminine parts of your body, bringing all of the attention to your soft shiny skin, very precious. Semi-sweetheart corset is a never going out of style classic, especially added by a luxurious floor length skirt and a glorious train. Also, you will find a gentle sparkling bow on the very back, to add this little romantic detail of your dreams. Twisted around the bodice the glitter fabric is intertwined in a beautiful mosaic of chic, a choice worthy of a true queen, indeed.

    9. Inkery

    The Inkery dress inspires carelessly and so deeply. Sparkly from the bottom to the top, square decollete line and thick straps is the new era for wedding dresses. 

      The A-line silhouette and the V-back cutout is going to marvelously turn your wedding into something very magical and beautiful. Simple, stunning and glorious, this dress will fit any bride who wishes to let the world know that she is the moment. 

      10. Eva

      11. Celia

      12. Ansa

      This classic yet stunning wedding dress will win your heart over and over again.  

      Ansa wedding dress is decorated in silver lines, very geometrical and symmetrical. The silver lines are placed in a way to make your body look sexier, more feminine and more glorious, however, any bride wearing a dress by Olivia Bottega cannot be even more beautiful than she is already. Gentle V-neck and spaghetti straps, this is a forever winner design. Long gentle train and marvelously soft fabric, this dress is everything your heart needs to make you feel special and cherished. 

      13. Tofa

      Wedding dress Tofa with a huge bow on the back is something very new and very special to us. 

      This is a mini wedding dress, to reveal your beautiful long legs in a very delicate way. The bow is placed on a back in a way so that it looks like a train, very darling indeed. Gentle V-neck and thick straps, this cutout is duplicated on the back, so that the whole dress looks balanced. Short and soft skirt is in an A-line, to make that hourglass figure seem more fragile and very beautiful. 

      14. April

      Cinderella April wedding dress isn’t named like that by accident. Because it is truly magical, fairy-like and very gorgeous. 

      Made from Organza, the dress is very airy and lightweight, some sort of innocent even. Shiny corset looks really nice next to the delicate matte organza puffy sleeves. Bishop sleeves look like a work of art, when glorious scattering of shiny details on the plunging neck top are placed next to each other. Floor length skirt and an open back, you will look and feel marvelous, just like Cinderella did when her prince finally found her. 

      15. Freya

      16. Amade

      17. Deila 

      And last but never the least, gorgeous and brand new Deila wedding dress. Chiffon, diamond dust and a front leg slit, can it get better?

      We say, no, it absolutely cannot get any better than this. Spaghetti straps are also covered in the same pixie dust as the whole corset, combined with a delicate diamond waistline belt then beautifully transformed into a matte chiffon skirt with a very sexy and revealing front leg slit. This dress will make your arms and shoulders look effortlessly fragile, like a real life fairy, and the delicate touch of first class top quality fabrics will make you lose your head very high up in clouds. 

      18. Romanica

      Romanica wedding dress is the new enigma of your wedding fit. Get carried away with glorious floral murals all over the bodice, the semi-sweetheart corset looks so lovely. Beautiful tulle off-the-shoulder straps can be worn as regular straps too, with the long ribbons and tied in a bow too, so gorgeous. Shiny long tulle skirts will absolutely inspire you, while multilayered yards of tulle gently cascading behind your back create the magnificent train - wow, do we need to say more? Create the top you want with beautiful shiny tulle elements around your shoulders - you are guaranteed to slay with your look.

      We hope you enjoyed our glorious sparkly and not so sparkly wedding dresses collection, because we had so much fun and inspiration creating it, because you are always our inspiration. Choose the dress that makes your heart race faster once you see it, because this means that this is the one. You deserve the whole world, and by wearing Oivia Bottega gown for your very special night of life, you will truly feel this magical feeling.