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31 products

Floral Bridal Gowns

Floral wedding dresses are a special work of art that definitely has a special place in every bride’s heart, even if she denies it. Flowers and flowery lace is the most romantic and delicate addition that can be added to any type of bridal gown, so light, so effortless and so dreamy.
Floral wedding dress looks good and stylish any time of season, year and a scenery, whether you’re getting married at a very romantic old cathedral, modern city hall, down the river at somec flower park, at a cabin in the woods, even mountain top or sunset beach, flowery lace looks gorgeous and gets the vibe of any location of your choice.
Flower wedding dresses can be of any silhouette, it can be scattered with flowers around the tulle skirt and a dense corset, it can be placed upon gorgeous decollette and sleeves, or even decorate the keyhole cutout on the back. It can be added around the very bottom of the skirt, or charmingly decorate the front leg sexy slit, anything you wish - it can be done. Choose the A-line dress, mermaid silhouette, sheath or even short one with a flower applique. Applique wedding dresses with flowers are sort of reminding the bride that she is the gem, she is the most beautiful flower that flourishes gently on her very special day next to her dear beloved, forever and ever.
Floral lace wedding dress will be the perfect choice for any bride, it looks charming with any type of makeup and hairdo, it looks truly royal and very delicate, like a gentle red rose you will stand out among them all and state that your beauty is endless. Choose your favorite wedding dress with flowers and become the most feminine you, enjoy the dancing as gorgeous scatterings of flowers and flowery lace moves around your body, so effortlessly and hypnotizing, choose the decorated with light reflective beads and pearls those beautiful petals, and bathe yourself in glory, fashion and love.
Embroidered flower wedding dresses are truly girly types of dresses, dresses made in minimalist style or in the most extravaganza pattern are promised to light up that fire in your eyes, as you are truly worthy.


What is a floral wedding dress?

Floral wedding dress is made mostly with floral motifs: it can be lace applique, beady mosaic, or a light reflective glitter pattern.

Where to buy a floral wedding dress?

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