Sexy Wedding Dresses

Be the Diana Ross to your supreme, so inspiring Olivia Bottega’s sexy wedding dresses are presented in different variations – wide choice of sexy lengths from a midi classic dress to a flying floor-length Mikado skirt with creases, pockets and a long train, with long sleeves or straps, shining and shimmering, or plain matte, you will definitely meet the one your heart desires the most. You can choose an incredibly beautiful , hot and sexy wedding dress of your choice for your special day to remember it forever, while still looking trendy, classy and of course gorgeous. 

Plus Size Convertible Mermaid Princess A-line Ball Gown Off-The-Shoulder With Sleeves Sparkle Midi & Short Leg Slit Empire Waist Long sleeve Satin Minimalist

48 products

48 products

Sexy hot bridal gowns

Incredible décolleté, embroidered with rhinestones and lace, emphasizing the fragility of the neckline and collarbone. Especially inspiring gems scattering to the very floor with a long but sexy train added by a front leg slit, visually lengthening the legs and making you look like a top model, and your waist seem incredibly slender and fragile. Flamboyant variations of princess skirt design, whether you want to show off your legs and some skin, or if you want to concentrate everyone’s attention on your chest, arms or even your waist, we have just the right options for you in stock.

With these Sexy wedding gowns collection you can be really flamboyant - flirtatious and hot, or choose an image of genuine innocent sexuality. You can try on different options and understand in which gown you feel most comfortable and surely like a queen. 

Answer the question ‘What suits you best?’ - To be young, flirtatious and playful, or to become as sensual as possible and be indecently bright and sexy. The choice is always yours! Our Sexy bridal dress collection gives every bride the opportunity to open up as much as possible and feel her inner desires. Let’s get inspired and make you feel absolutely happy and sensual wearing the sexiest wedding dress of your desires!