7 biggest 2024 wedding dress trends. Celebrity-approved. Exclusive ide – Olivia Bottega
7 biggest 2024 wedding dress trends. Celebrity-approved. Exclusive ideas for your big day

7 biggest 2024 wedding dress trends. Celebrity-approved. Exclusive ideas for your big day

7 biggest 2024 wedding trends. Celebrity-approved. Exclusive ideas for your big day 

This season may be the trendiest one we ever had so far. Why you may ask? Sustainable fashion is a good thing and all trends return from decades ago, yet they are influenced by the modern narrative. Nobody wanted to wear a scrunchie just a few years ago, yet today it is a fashionable masterpiece because we learned to style it. Here are the hottest 2024 trends and predictions: be aware most celebrities will wear something like this too. Ready to become the trendsetter? 

  1. Applique 
  2. Sparkles
  3. Co-order sets (dramatic overskirts)
  4. Bows
  5. Structural shapes
  6. Colors
  7. Veils and jackets 

1. Applique Wedding Dresses

This trend is super romantic and charming. Has really strong spring vibes, but even in the colder season it will be super trendy 

Romanica wedding dress is something super fashionable and pretty. Lush sparkly skirt, straps made of tulle that you can wear in 3 different ways, and voluminous flowery blooms all over the corset.

Baily Wedding Dress

Baily wedding dress is truly romantic and very trendy! Voluminous butterfly applique scatters all over the skirt, meanwhile, cap sleeves and a sexy plunging neckline serve. 

2. More Sparkles 

Amelia wedding dress is a great example of what’s coming in 2024. Sparkly, romantic, lush and luxurious. Adorned with an off-the-shoulder line, just precious. 

This jewel makes you feel and look bejeweled too. Embroidered corset and the lushest sparkly skirt… Dresses like this will steal the 2024 spotlight. 

3. Dramatic Overskirts or Co-order sets

This trend starts to go up with the speed of light, you can get a mini dress and adorn it with a detachable skirt, or get a transformer dress right away for your big day. This is the most convenient way to look stylish and save money. 

Luna Earrings

This is one of the examples of our gorgeous Co-order sets. It is sustainable, it is practical and will give you several looks on your wedding. To check out more combos and ways to save more than 200$ on each look check out this page 

4. Bows 

This trend is super cute and feminine. We have massive variations of detachable bows for any dress and any occasion! But wedding theme - this is the biggest one for this trend. 

A Tofa Wedding dress is a great way to stylishly celebrate your big day in 2024. Long ribbons that serve as a train are a massive trend. 

This sparkly romantic masterpiece of a dress Lovisa is going to steal the spotlight. Sexy front leg slit, off-the-shoulder decollete, and a detachable bow! All of the biggest 2024 trends  

5. Structural shapes 

This trend is also a super interesting one, it is all about geometrical shapes and some unusual detail on the wedding dress. Here is some inspo:

Coral Wedding Dress

This cute dress with an unusual corset structure is the trend of 2024. Off-the-shoulder straps, geometrical cutout, and a plunging neckline. Stunning and shiny. 

This stunning gown with geometrical intricacy is just overwhelming. Luxurious, elegant, and truly marvelous for your big trendy wedding in 2024! 

6. Colors

Colorful dresses and dresses of bold color have been with us for a while now and so they shall stay, becoming more and more fashionable by the season. We offer a wide range of different colorful dresses, just pick the one you like. Red and black, beige and nude, or maybe pink and blue?

This Dixie dress is available in our colorful dresses selection. You can literally choose any color of the dress, shape, length, and so on! And any of those will be extremely trendy! 

7. Veils & Jackets

Yes, accessories are now the biggest trend of 2024. Do not forget to add any of those to your final wedding look to look fashionable! 

This veil Magic will definitely add some wizard vibes to your look with its sparkle. This may be the most fashionable addition to any bridal look in 2024! 

Bridal Cardigan C214

This cardigan will become a super fashionable decoration for your final look. It is convenient to wear both in winter and summer, it adds you that desired fashionable sense indeed!

If you follow our advice, you’ll not just be the trendiest 2024 bride, but you will stay in style for years and years! Make sure to purchase your favorite trends and celebrate your biggest day in style.

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