Best 23 Sparkly Wedding Dresses for a Glamorous Bride – Olivia Bottega
Best 23 Sparkly Wedding Dresses for a Glamorous Bride

Best 23 Sparkly Wedding Dresses for a Glamorous Bride

Sparkly wedding dresses are like a breath of fresh air, you can literally inhale beauty, shimmering and romantic vibes when you are witnessing someone wearing a sparkly dress, or if you are the one wearing it. Therefore, when you go for a sparkly dress, there are reasonable questions popping up in your head - what design do I want, what silhouette to choose, will I not look too much, will the sparkles shred off and so on. Here we are gathering the most vital info about our glorious and romantic bridal gowns made of sparkles. 

As you may have seen on our socials, we only choose the best type of shimmering wedding dress fabric. You can see videos of test-drive of the fabric, before you say YES to your future sparkly wedding dress. We get our fabric from the world’s leading creator of shimmering fabrics, they are the first ones to invent this special technology, that allows to place glitters evenly on any fabric, using a very thin layer of special glue. However, no matter how great the technique of the production is, any sparkly dress will inevitably shed some of the glitters. The best part about our dresses and the fact that we work with leading producers of such fabrics, is that our glitter dresses lose as little sparkles as it’s even possible. Like you won’t even find that as many glitters fall off, even if you use the washing machine (we do not recommend doing that). 

You can always order a sample of any fabrics of your choice on our website and please have a look at our test-drive video on our instagram, to learn how to handle the sparkling wedding dress. We say - you only live once, therefore you may absolutely go wild with picking up any amount of sparkles on your perfect glamorous gown and rock it all the way up. 

Here we go, we made the navigation by sections, therefore you can jump straight ahead to the one dress that you like the most! These gorgeous and fashionably shining 23 wedding dresses will absolutely inspire the darkest particles of your inner goddess and help you to shine it through. 

1) Off-the shoulder sparkly dresses

Our hit-parade of sparkling wedding dresses of course will be started by off-the-shoulder wedding gowns. The effortless view these types of dresses create is almost magical and the utmost wanted effect every bride needs to consider! Dive deeper into a fantasy world of dreams coming true, you won’t be the same after you’ve seen what we have to offer. 

1. Glitter Mermaid Wedding Dress Lovisa with Leg Slit

New, sexy, stunning and shimmering like a mirrorball. This perfect off-the-shoulder wedding dress is made to impress anyone who’s going to anyhow witness your ceremony, whether it's family, friends, or just someone from the crowd. Perfect straight across draped top is decorated with a very revealing front leg slit. This dress will accentuate your hourglass figure and make you shine even if it will be raining all day long. 

2. Shimmering Off-the-Shoulder Wedding Dress Melanie

Melanie dress will be delicate and romantic, and of course a glamorous addition to your wedding party. Floor length, off-the-shoulder top and crossed lines around your waistline will make it impossible for others not to enjoy your look. Looking like a perfect vessel of style and love, this light and simple, yet over the top miraculously shimmering gown will inspire you with its old money slash dangerous woman vibe.  

3. Princess Lace Off-the-Shoulders Wedding Dress Charlotte


One more off-the-shoulder shiny gem of our glorious sparkly dresses collection, the Charlotte dress. Off-the-shoulder top is decorated with voluminous flowery lace, to add more shine we dazzled light reflective beads all over the dress, plus a plunging neckline - this is truly a masterpiece. Long train and charming sleeves just around the shoulder area will make the dress speak louder than anything else in the room. 

4. Shiny A-line Wedding Dress Coral

A dress in an A-line silhouette and an off-the-shoulder on-the-shoulder motif is this beautiful creation named Coral. Like a mermaid bra the top is decorated in this fish scales kind of mural, fully dipped into a diamond crust, light as a feather sparkly skirt will prolong any silhouette into the abyss, and charming yet cheeky cutouts around the decollette line will absolutely blow everybody mind’s away. 

5. Sparkly Ball Gown Batist

Luxurious, luminous and sexy full gown Batist is made exactly for brave and bold brides. Off-the-shoulder long sleeves and illusion tulle all over the top is creating this effect of 3d applique shining on your bare skin, a very rich and expensive view. Plunging neckline and shiny mosaic of ornaments all over the skirt are to die for, so romantic and pretty. And by the way, shiny elements are light reflective, so beautiful and stunning, only your eyes should see it off screen right now. 

2) Mini & midi sparkling wedding dresses

And now it’s time to move onto the next chapter of sparkly wedding dresses, we are excited to share with you our best mini and midi dresses creations. These dresses look good for any height, any body complexion and so on. After all, who said that dresses should only be classic? Enjoy the new classics and new romantics with style. 

6. Short Sparkly Wedding Dress Milana

Showing off your silky legs has never been more enjoyable before. This cute and playful short dress in babydoll style, with a semi sweetheart top and thick straps that can be worn in an off-the-shoulder manner, and a little skirt are to die for. The sparkling level of this exact dress is seen from beyond space and time, therefore, great mood and stunning pics are guaranteed. 

7. Shiny Midi Wedding & Evening Dress Rakel

Rakel dress represents glamor in its best way possible. Spaghetti straps, semi transparent fabrics around your waistline and stomach, open arms, bedazzling shine and a charming décolleté line. This dress will absolutely fire up your tanned skin perfectly, or in fact, any skin tone in this dress will burst with brand new sexy colors. Let your inner goddess shine all the way through. 

8. Tea Length Lace Wedding Dress Elise

Midi dresses are the new era of wedding dresses, classic, charming and sexy. These dresses are made to empower women all over the world. Elise dress with flowery lace top and thick straps that are designed to wear in an off-the-shoulder style, combined with over the top luxurious and shiny skirt is absolutely gorgeous. Very romantic and feminine, feel like the true magical creature that you are. 

9. Sparkly Midi Wedding Dress Ramona

Charming and pleasingly revealing wedding dress Ramona from shimmering and gloriously glistening fabrics is still quite minimalist and subtle, at the same time very bold and stunning. Plunging V-neck and long transparent sleeves will make you feel powerful, sexy and very romantic. Aren’t those the moods you wish to set for your very special day? 

10. Shiny Wedding & Evening Dress Heist Midi

A dress that looks like a perfect teacup, in midi length and fully covered in sparkles - Heist. Like a money heist this dress will steal the most precious thing of the evening - your lover’s heart, spaghetti straps that are gently revealing your collarbones and fragile arms, v-neckline and a sequin waistline belt, light shimmering skirt. This dress is very attractive. 

11. Short Wedding Dress Kay

Kay dress is made with light reflective beads and sequins, creating wondrous murals all over the dress, transparent long sleeves and short length - very stunning and sexy, dare to get yourself one?

3) Sheath sparkly dresses

And now we’re off to A-line and mermaid wedding dresses. These types of dresses are made to reveal your sexy figure in the most stylish way possible. Dare to show off your curves in the sparkliest fashion. 

12. Lace Mermaid Wedding Dress Airis

This Airis dress is more of a mermaid style, and very fashionable. Very skin tight and sensual look the dress creates, so beautiful. Made of flowery lace in gentle dancing with glorious shimmering, plunging v-neck and lace murals all over the dress, elegance and chic are here at your best service. 

13. Floral Lace Wedding Dress Enn

This dress has it all: plunging neckline, best wedding tradition’s lace all over the corset, shiny and loose skirt with gorgeous shiny scattering of floral mosaic, no sleeves and when you look at it - lightning bolts are flying around the room. So stunning and very brave. 

14. Minimalist Glitter Wedding Dress Kossy

Kossy dress will absolutely bring new life to your wedding look. Very subtle and minimalist, yet thanks to the shimmering very feminine and stylish, glamorous V-neck and sleeveless, a-line skirt to make sure that you look taller than the Empire state. 

16. Sparkle Wedding Dress Heist

Heist dress in a full length style will absolutely inspire the depth of your soul to new horizons. Spaghetti straps and a charming v-neck, sparkling like the brightest moon on a silver night, get carried away in the most romantic setting ever possible. 

4) Long train glitter gowns

17. 2 in 1 Lace Wedding Dress Airis

If you like the Airis dress but wished for something puffier - then this transformer option will do your justice. That very same mermaid charming gown comes with a detachable princess gown skirt, reminiscent of the same murals and shiny beads, that, by a blink of an eye, change your whole look to a full 180, so easy and so memorable. 

18. Sparkle Wedding Dress Amelia

With its elegant A-line silhouette, the Amelia gown accentuates your waist while layers of fabric cascade gracefully, reminiscent of a subtle train adorned with glistening diamonds. The draped straps gracefully frame your back and décolleté, allowing your arms to be showcased elegantly, regardless of whether your hair is worn up or down, ensuring all eyes remain on you and the dress. The dress exudes an enchanting sparkle and glow that words fail to capture, a Midas touch evident in every detail.

19. Royal Lace Off-The-Shoulder Sparkly Wedding Dress Meryem

Truly royal and even fairy tales like the Meryem dress don't need introduction. Long sleeves and plunging neckline, the dress looks like it was made of dress pixie dust combined with fairy’s dew, charming and everlasting train, every detail, every bead and sequin will make you feel the deluxe and luxurious vibe this dress so generously offers. 

5) Sparkle dresses with leg slit

Another wedding world gem of sparkly dresses are of course the high front leg slit ones. 

20. Sparkly Wedding Dress Miranda

Miranda sparkly wedding dress will charm you with its subtle vibe of innocence, long sleeves with slightly puff shoulders, v-neck and a beady waistline - it won’t be any better than it is already. 

21. Sparkly Wedding Dress Ella

Another stylish and very fashionable front leg slit option is the Ella dress. Bishop sleeves, plunging neckline and a very lightweight skirt - you will be impressed with the amount of sparkle the dress has. 

6) Olivia Bottega’s choice

There are some dresses that you just can’t stop loving, we chose the best 2 dresses of this sparkly hit parade for your eyes only. 

22. Shiny Wedding Dress Bree with a High Front Slit

Shiny and sparkly Bree dress is presented with not just any regular front leg slit, but the whole wedding dress game perspective. Spaghetti straps and a gentle v-neck, this dress takes it all with its simplicity and gorgeousness. 

23. Sparkle Sleeveless Wedding Dress Mirrorball with Detachable Bow

The Mirrorball dress has it all - sparkly and gorgeous. Add a semi-sweetheart corset without straps to reveal your shoulders and collarbones and voila a soft feminine look is served. Shiny and puffy skirt looks so pretty, you can’t deny this, can you? Added with a sexy front leg slit of course!

No matter what dress you choose or decide to customize, once you decide to get yourself a sparkling wedding dress for your special day - we guarantee you will feel the most loved, cherished and in a real life fairytale of your deepest dreams. 

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