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Best Summer Wedding Dresses for 2023

Best Summer Wedding Dresses for 2023

Summer weddings are always a magical experience. With the sun shining and the warm breeze blowing, everything feels special. If you are a bride-to-be, you might be looking for the perfect wedding dress to wear on your big day. And if you are getting married in 2023, whether it is on a sunny beach, magical flower garden, downtown, or in any other scenery, there are some stunning options that you might want to consider. Let us introduce you to the 15 best summer wedding dresses for 2023 by Olivia Bottega.



If you’re looking for a dress that is both elegant and modern, this made-of-silk Marry dress with a halter neckline might be just what you need, to look like a Greek goddess. The front leg slit adds a touch of romance to the dress, while the high neck gives it a modern and chic look.

2. JUNO 

This organza A-line Juno dress with the cutest butterfly sleeves and delicate cutouts around the waist and the back is perfect for a summer garden wedding, especially when you take a look at that magical bow on the back. The way this dress is flowing romantically around is marvelous, while the organza material is light and airy, making it perfect for a summer wedding.


Sparkles, beads, and an open back - a perfect mix, wrap it into a midi length and you shall get the perfect recipe for your 2023 summer wedding - Ramona  dress. The beaded waistline adds a touch of glamour to the dress, while sparkles are going to make your head spin in a joyous mood.


This gorgeous embroidered bodice masterpiece of a Celia dress is perfect for a summer wedding. Wear the shoulder straps around your shoulder, or your neck, or tie them in a nice bow on your back. You are guaranteed to look fabulous. 

5. TOFA 

This satin mini Tofa dress with an open back and the cutest huge bow on the back is a must-have this summer season. This dress will make you feel like Tinkerbell, so use all of that magic fairy powder to make more of your deepest wishes come true. 


This gorgeous glittery sheath crepe Lovisa dress is going to be a perfect choice for the 2023 summer wedding. The gentle off-the-shoulder straps and the sexiest front leg slit look showstopping together, especially added by those beautiful creases all over the bodice and a gorgeous element - a huge bow as a train. 



This super cute short Milana dress is made for the summer 2023 weddings. Made of satin and glittery tulle, this dress will impress every guest at your wedding. Gentle semi-sweetheart cutout and gorgeous off-the-shoulder straps are going to make you feel on top of the world. 


If you were looking for something classy, yet unusual - the Tirion Midi gown is the solution. The beautiful transparent top made of illusion tulle is fully encrusted in silver mosaic, while the midi skirt is completely matte and lightweight. Add a charming open back to it, and you are going to look stunning. 


The Hennie dress is a charming and feminine choice for a summer wedding. This dress features a   delicate tulle transparent corset, with a twist of sleeves - it is a huge shiny bow that you can wear as an off-the-shoulder decoration, or simply remove it. Glitters in the skirt will make this day unforgettable. 



If you're looking for a more modern and sleek wedding dress, then this Anneli dress is the perfect option. This dress features a slim-fitting silhouette, with a super mini length to reveal your sexy legs and a cute bow on the back, that you can also wear as an off-the-shoulder decoration. The taffeta fabric is super lightweight and breathable, making it an ideal choice for a summer wedding. 



Asymmetrical masterpiece of a Vigdis dress is definitely a standing-out trend this summer season. Shiny fabric, one shoulder is open and another shoulder has a half-transparent sleeve of full length. Mix it up with a very revealing front leg slit and you’re set to have the best look among all brides this season.

12. LI 305


For a more bohemian-inspired wedding look, let’s say that you can wear it to a beach wedding, the Li 305 dress is a great choice. This dress features a flowy multilayered tulle skirt and delicate shimmer mixed with gentle spaghetti straps. The open back adds a touch of sexiness to this otherwise understated dress. The Li 305 bridal gown is perfect for a beach or outdoor wedding.

13. EMMA

Emma dress is a playful and romantic option for a summer wedding. This dress features minimalist vibes, puffy shoulders, and long sleeves. This dress will be a great fit for a wedding in town or the city, as well as in some beautiful cathedral. Due to the super light material, this dress will be comfortable, modest, and very trendy. 


Well, a ballgown can still be worn to a summer wedding too. The glorious Priscilla dress is something to consider, especially when it’s a chic and modern option for a summer wedding. The beautiful semi-sweetheart neckline and thick straps are gently intertwined with a full floor-length lush skirt, glistening like pearls Mikado fabric will keep you happy all day and night long. 

There is a wide selection of beautiful and stylish summer wedding dresses made of light fabrics such as tulle, chiffon, and organza. Whether you're looking for a classic A-line silhouette or a more modern and sleek style, Olivia Bottega has a dress to suit your taste. 

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