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Perfect Wedding Dress: The Eras Tour Inspiration

Perfect Wedding Dress: The Eras Tour Inspiration

We are sure that everyone has heard of her majesty the Taylor Swift, and this singer has turned the whole world of music, fashion, and even cinema upside down. Therefore, here is some The Eras Tour wedding inspiration brought to you by us - whether you want something stunning to wear to the concert in the midst of its ongoing, or whether you are a Swiftie and can’t wait to have a wedding dress to represent your favorite era. We’ll go from her first album to the very last, and the top pick - dresses inspired by The Eras Tour too.

Taylor Swift

The very first album was full of country sounds and therefore full of love, dreams, and hopes of a young girl.


We say Dixie 2 is a great choice. It is fun and playful, the straps can be worn as bows, tied around your neck, or any other way! This is something very gorgeous, yet very real and down to earth. This dress represents this era the best. 

Fearless (Taylor's Version)

As this era was all about not giving up and staying strong, keep on chasing after your dreams no matter what, we think the dreamiest gown would be the best suit.

This album gave us the best song for proposals, as in 'Marry me Juliet, you’ll never have to be alone… I talked to your dad, go pick out a white dress' - this is the dress you should be picking if this era is your favorite.


Batist gown is the best representation for this era’s vibe. Full lush skirt with thousands of glitters, gentle lace and partially see-through corset. Super dreamy and entirely romantic

Speak Now (Taylor's Version)

You should not be afraid to speak up your mind, as the first Grammy-winning album for this young woman. We say this dress embodies the spirit of this whole album. Any true fans here?


The Elmi ball gown is something very similar to what Taylor wears when singing 'Enchanted.' This beautiful ball gown with an open back, an extremely lush skirt, and shimmering details all over will steal the show, just as you should on your special day

Red (Taylor's Version)

Passion, love, seduction, and bright colors. This album was the first globally known one, and therefore a very sexy and revealing Acerola dress is a great match.


Acerola with a front leg slit and revealing neckline will describe your feelings to its max. Go for accessories with red colors, or maybe add it in flowers… 

1989 (Taylor's Version)

This album is full of love, passion, free will, and excitement. Sounds just like our Ella dress. Trust us, you’ll never go out of style. 


Ella Wedding Dress with a high leg slit is very down to earth, yet revealing your décolletage and glowing skin, adorned with hundreds and thousands of sparkles. Bishop sleeves add the freedom vibe to the final look. 


Do you wanna be a big conversation? Then you may need something very femme fatale. We recommend paying attention to the Audrey dress. Maybe we should have put a black one here, and we can customize it too, actually, click here. But we say this dress is the best for a Reputation-era bride.


Nothing will be better than an extra transformer to represent all of your inner sides. The dress is even available in mini length too, for all of the guests at your wedding to stun in awe. 


Snakes turn into butterflies. Sounds like the perfect time for the Baily dress. Or a Baily detachable skirt.


Full of dreamy butterfly applique, with an open back and cute cap sleeves - this dress is the epitome of love. Since it was the first album owned by Miss Swift, we say let’s celebrate it with two dresses.


The Lovisa dress is a great explanation of this album - revealing, lovely, and romantic. Off-the-shoulder straps and extra sparkly fabric, mixed with a front leg slit is something truly unique. 


This era is full of soft dreamy vibes, slowing down and revealing your inner child. Being soft and grateful. 


Dreamy Chyanne dress looks like a magical forest, including detachable cape-wings that serve as a train too. Mix it with flowery embroidery and you'll get a recipe for a perfect dress. 


The adventure around and about dreamy forests on-goes on this album, too. But added with more whimsical and wondrous touch. 


Romanica dress is going to become a perfect representation for this era. Soft, very feminine, very dreamy, with flowers too and very soft straps that can be worn in any way yo desire. And the sparkles... 


This era is our favorite excuse to become bejewelled. Therefore: 


Aviv 2 is - lush skirt, sparkly encrusted top, plunging neckline and long sleeves. The shine will be seen from outer space, guaranteed. 

The Eras Tour

And this is something we’d wear to the concert or a wedding too, because these dresses are just a perfect match to the vibe of the tour itself. 

You'll find amazing options at our 'Co-Order & Save' section, to get a unique look while saving money. 

Tortured Poet's Department 

This album isn't even out yet and we do not know the vibe it will have, so we'll go for a wild guess. 


Solly dress has it all - square neckline, sweep train and a very sheath silhouette. Minimalist and very elegant, we think this dress represents this upcoming ablum's vibe. 

Let us know which dress is your favorite, what you would wear, and do you agree with our choice? 


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