Detach & Shine: Newest Collection by Olivia Bottega
Detach & Shine: Newest Collection by Olivia Bottega

Detach & Shine: Newest Collection by Olivia Bottega

Dear brides, we are very happy and excited to share with you that our newest collection “Detach & Shine” is just about to drop on our website on April 15th! Here is a little story about how we inspired to create it and what you will get once it’s available!  

Once upon a time, in the bustling studio of Olivia Bottega, a spark of inspiration ignited. It was the culmination of countless conversations with our brides, their dreams, desires, and hopes echoing in our minds. With every gown we created, our mission was clear: to bring joy to our brides' hearts.

And so, the sparkly and convertible wedding dress collection “Detach & Shine” was born. It wasn't just about crafting beautiful garments; it was about crafting happiness. After all, a happy bride meant a happy us.

Each dress in this collection shimmered with its own unique charm, designed to dazzle and delight. But what truly set them apart was their versatility. These weren't just dresses for the big day; they were dresses for life's every celebration.

From birthdays to vow renewals, bridal parties to engagement soirées, the options are endless. And with every dress being super convertible, our brides will enjoy multiple looks without breaking the bank.

In this collection you will find gems like Dakota dress with detachable straps

Detachable straps on a dress, that looks like a sheath Greek vase and has an extra sexy front leg slit. Pay attention to the unusual neckline. And see how amazing it looks with detachable Fiorelia skirt to elevate your look to unstoppable queen heights, or to make it look more sophisticated. 

It is a collection that embodies the spirit of celebration, of love, and of making memories. And as we prepared each gown to be out into the world, we knew that somewhere, a bride's face would light up with joy. And that, dear friends, was what made it all worthwhile.

Why "Detach & Shine", you may wonder? Because within every stitch lies the power to detach from the unnecessary, allowing one to bask in the glow of resplendent sophistication both inside and outside.

Another great example of what kind of versatility you will find, is our mini convertible Mitsis lace dress

Gentle see-through lace from beneath and off-the-shoulder straps that are easy to detach. Softest glam and subtle shimmer mixed with lace, pair it with our detachable Airis lush royal lace skirt, to elevate your look to the new heights. 

Another detachable gem of this collection is mini sparkly wedding dress Ebba and luminous shiny Meryem skirt. Yes, this 2 in 1 beaming Ebba & Meryem combo stole our hearts, too. 


You will witness hundreds of combination options, corsets, newest unusual bridal colors - moonlit shimmering pearlescent shades, detachable parts, mini and midi lengths, lush and luxurious skirts, sheath silhouettes, new kinds of accessories and so much more. 

Tulle bridal gloves for just the right amount of sophistication

Detachable organza cape to feel like a true queen

Welcome to the shining fairytale of love. 

Detach whatever you do not need anymore, and Shine with the new possibilities that lie ahead of you. 


With love 

Olivia Bottega

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