Time to “Detach & Shine” - Best Spring-Summer 2024 Wedding Dresses – Olivia Bottega
Time to “Detach & Shine” - Best Spring-Summer 2024 Wedding Dresses

Time to “Detach & Shine” - Best Spring-Summer 2024 Wedding Dresses

This is the "Detach & Shine" - Olivia Bottega’s finest detachable transformer wedding dress collection. A mesmerizing array of dresses, each a masterpiece itself, offering a multitude of wedding looks for the price of just one dream dress.

Let’s dive deeper into all of the dresses you may have missed and you have to see them. 

Let us present to you: the newest dresses, featuring detachable skirts, accessories, capes, and wedding trains. All are super easy to mix with each other, there are hundreds of looks to choose from. 

It is quite an article - lean back and enjoy reading. 




The mini skirt length of Steltella mini wedding dress and the unusual shape of this gown will allow all the wildest dancing to be comfortable and stylish. Open shoulders, sheath corset, and voluminous tulip-shaped skirt. Sweetheart cutout and delicate boning throughout the dress allow your body to look super feminine. 

2 in 1 Wedding Dress Steltella With Detachable Skirt Protea

We mixed it with our Protea skirt from our newest collection to elevate the mini gown into a royal-looking princess minimalist miracle. 

We gathered more options of how to mix and match these dresses - keep on reading!


Classy, open-back, A-line silhouette - this is the Sabrina wedding dress. The top is super encrusted and long-sleeved. A scoop cut with an illusion tulle all over, and a plunging rhinestone décolleté line.

Wedding Dress Sabrina with Long Sleeves


This perfect creation Elu with detachable sleeves and a front thigh-high slit. Open back and a classy A-line silhouette, some creases around the bodice, and unstoppable glistening from all the rhinestones and encrusted beads. 


Minimalist Donoma dress. Bishop sleeves add extra volume to the shoulders, making the silhouette very feminine, while a square neckline with an open back gives amazing simple yet glorious vibes. 


Detachable straps on a perfect sheath dress Dakota with a thigh-high slit. A very unusual angular neckline and pearlescent silky white fabric. 


Off-the-shoulder detachable straps and a bell-shaped mini skirt. Classy sweetheart neckline, gorgeous lace all over - a very pretty picture for a mini Mitsis dress.

The next dress comes in 3 different options and all are stunning and hard to choose from.


Unusual angular bateau neckline in a silky mini length and a playful skirt. The fabric reflects the light like a moonlit swimming pool - what a picture. 


Pearlescent aqua mint shade, a moonstone aura, or the happiest blue. A very shiny soft fabric looks stunning in this shade, angular neckline and fluffy skirt. 


Playful mini skirt length and easily detachable off-shoulder straps. Textured organza makes the dress minimalist and super airy-looking. Angular bateau neckline, of course, with sharp-looking edges - glorious.


Mix glitter fabric with floral blooming lace and get the perfect mini-wedding dress. Detach the straps for a fashionable outcome of Aditi dress.


We love this aquamarine shade and we wish more brides go for non-traditional wedding dresses. This classy extra transformer Audrey bridal gown is the best choice. This pearly soft turquoise moonstone shade will make you the showstopper of the day.


Providing some examples of how to mix and match detachable skirts and wedding dresses below :)


A very feminine detachable skirt Audrey. This full floor-length skirt is made of the softest organza you can imagine, making it feel like a princess fairy. With a sexy front leg slit, this will be a perfect addition to your convertible wedding look. 


Shine brighter than the diamonds. Probably the sparkliest skirt ever to become a perfect accessorize to your wedding look. 

Here is how it looks on Ebba mini sparkly dress - the shine is immense. 

2-in-1 Ebba Dress and Kirsten Skirt


Detachable skirt in a classy royal ball gown layout - Protea is your astonishing addition to any wedding dress. Soft and comfortable, this skirt will do a marvelous job at making you look goddess-like. 

Minimalist mix Protea skirt with mini Steltella dress for the most royal entrance 

2-in-1 Steltella Wedding Dress With Detachable Protea Skirt

Beady encrusted mini Elu dress mixed with this pearlescent Protea skirt

2-in-1 Wedding Elu Dress With Detachable Protea Skirt


This is a secret weapon to drastically emphasize your bridal look. See-through glittery fabric with a thigh-high slit. 

A stunning addition to a sparkly Ebba mini dress

2-in-1 Wedding Dress Ebba With Detachable Calista Skirt

With a lace Mitsis mini dress, it works wonders, too. 

2-in-1 Wedding Dress Mitsis With Detachable Calista Skirt 


This skirt is designed to transform any dress into a royal ball gown just like that.

This mini Mitsis dress looks astonishing mixed with an Airis skirt, so much lace and sparkles. 

2-in-1 Wedding Dress Mitsis With Detachable Airis Skirt


Behold - the sparkly queen of all the detachable skirts ever. Mixed with intricate lace beneath… Just wow. Lush ballgown silhouette - change your wedding outfit fast and look impressive right away.

We mixed a sparkly Ebba top and an extra sparkly Meryem skirt and were astonished with the shining 

2-in-1 Wedding Dress Ebba With Detachable Skirt Meryem 

Be extra bejeweled. You are so worth it. This duo was definitely made in some bridal encrusted heaven.

2 in 1 Wedding Dress Sabrina With Detachable Skirt Meryem


Silky organza liquid moonlight held in a detachable skirt. Any ideas on what to mix it with better?

Gentle creases around the waistline will make your final silhouette very feminine and sophisticated. 

This is the new trend for every 2024 bride - Dakota dress and Fiorelia skirt

2 in 1 Wedding Dress Dakota With Detachable Fiorelia Skirt



This detachable organza train Audrey is made to emphasize any bridal look into absolutely glorious. Creases around the waistline, a thigh-high leg slit, and a marvelous long train. 


This organza Audrey bow with a train will make your wedding look more unique and extra feminine. Serves as a train, this bow is going to enhance everyone in the room. Feel like a true princess on your big day. 


We mixed textured organza with puffy bishop sleeves to elevate your look effortlessly into an unforgettable one. See-through flowing fabric will serve as the most unusual addition to a modern-day bride. 


If you are looking for something soft and truly unique - these gloves are the answer. Wear it best with a sleeveless gown or with a gown that has detachable sleeves. G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S. 

Each gown glistens with an irresistible charm, meticulously crafted for versatility, promising a day of celebration with myriad transformations. With its ingenious convertible options, our brides effortlessly embrace multiple looks with just one remarkable dress.  

Within every stitch lies the power to detach anything you desire, allowing one to bask in the glow of resplendent sophistication both inside and outside.

Here you go, what is your favorite mix and match from our newest collection? You are always free to customize any dress from the above any way you like!

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