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Love Struck: Top 14 Wedding Dresses of 2024 to Sweep You Off Your Feet This St. Valentine's Day!

Love Struck: Top 14 Wedding Dresses of 2024 to Sweep You Off Your Feet This St. Valentine's Day!

These 14 gorgeous wedding gowns are the best and trendiest choice for a 2024 bride! All filled with love and grace. Whether you’ve met your valentine and are planning the wedding, or renewing your vows, or just browsing around - keep on reading to get the biggest inspo of the year so far.

We’d like to start with our Eternal Bloom collection, filled with spring vibes and made in a very limited amount too


This kaleidoscope of beauty opens with our glorious newest capsule collection's dress, Chyanne. Butterfly tulle sleeves that serve as a cape, 3D flower appliqué all over, and a dreamy vibe. It looks stunning


A very sexy yet fragile feminine vibe of Wakanda dress will keep you inspired. Unusual embroidery all over the dress and spaghetti straps will be on top of the bridal game this season.  


The Jackopa dress serves beauty vibes quite hard. A very classy A-line silhouette and inner shimmering make it very easy to fall in love with this stunning dress. And the front leg slit? Gosh!

4. YOKI 

The Yoki dress with detachable straps, a straight across neckline, and endless flowery embroidery - this dress has it all, you can’t deny it.


The Tolinka dress with the most gorgeous lace all over the skirt you may have ever seen. Add a plunging neckline with spaghetti straps - the recipe for the perfect dress is found. 


The Altsoba dress to impress - sexy and stunning front leg slit, gentle off-the-shoulder tulle straps with voluminous lace and the most romantic vibes. 


This dress is extra great because it is our biggest star Lovisa but now added by an A-line skirt. Do not withdraw trends - they may just bloom into something different, like Amelia dress.

8. DIXIE 2  

This is a classic yet still a mini wedding dress - Dixie 2. Yes, this trend will stay with us for a while. Can’t you see how romantic those bow straps look on the shoulders? Amazing!


This Acerola dress is absolutely unique! A neckline cutout you have never seen before! Creased silky fabric goes in a twist around the waistline and cascades down as a waterfall… stunning.

10. CELIA  

This gorgeous masterpiece doesn’t need an introduction. Sweet and amazing sparkly tulle bows around the shoulders are mixed with a flowery bodice - so precious! Yes, this is our Celia dress.


Another mini gem of this season is an extra convertible Audrey mini dress. Mix it with a detachable bolero, creased high-quality organza and voila - amazing dress that will go a long way!

 12. CHLOE  

This is the most perfect dress for a bride who doesn’t like to shimmer, but loves to shine. Pearly shaded strapless Chloe dress with a sexy front leg slit. 


A very glamorous yet romantic Seiliny wedding dress that will look good both walking down the aisle and rocking the red carpet in Cannes. Unusual neckline looks fab.


Of course, there is no inspo without a proper minimalist dress. Very royal-like vibes, square neckline and a sheath silhouette - dreamy Jessica gown! By the way - available with a glitter fabric too!

If you want to customize a dress but feel confused whether you will find the dress of your dreams after the job is done absolutely stunning - check out our Co-Order & Save section! We gathered the most wanted customizations here, you can get a perfect set and save money!

On this precious and romantic day, we just wanna wish you lots of love, inspiration and never-ending joy with your beloved!

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