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Detachable Skirt Jacqueline

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Model is 5′10″ wearing size OB 6/US 2

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Customer Reviews

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Size: Custom Size

It’s perfect and beautiful! 🤍

jennifer f.
Size: 40 inch bust, 29 inch under bust, 27 inch waist, 40 inch hips
Almost Fits

Overall, the dress is beautiful. The transition from the bodice to the skirt puckers. I wish it had a waistband to clean-up tha seam. Tha hips and waist fit perfectly, but the bust is too small. It has a privacy panel behind the laceup closure. Unfortunately, it's not adequate to cover the 4 inch gap. The front length of the skirt is 1 inch short (maybe because my boobs are pulling the dress up). I personally had one of their employees take my measurements at the San Jose location. I wanted to make sure my measurements were accurate. They won't do any alterations on the final product. I'm stuck with I got.

Eli T.
Size: Custom Size, Bust 37, Waist 36, Hips 47
NO REGRETS - Purchase with ample time!!

For any lovely bride looking at this site in search of your dress, please take the time to read my review with an understanding and open mind.

The quick review:
I am absolutely blown away by my dress. I am in love with it and as a "plus size" girl, this is the first dress I have felt beautiful and comfortable in. Walking and sitting with the dress was a breeze, was not heavy or stuffy. Just absolutely perfect. My dress was a custom size, Bust 37, Waist 36, and Hips 47. I had lost a bit of weight from when I measured to when I got the dress, but the dress is made in a way that it still accommodates any fluctuations!

Now for the detailed review:
The process to order was fast and well done in my opinion, their chat service is great, they answer relatively in time/fast but most importantly they follow up. They answered all my questions and provided great detail of how to take my measurements, explain the buying process, etc.

However, I will admit I think that rush ordering a dress is not something OB has perfected quite yet. I do not blame them, from my understanding every single dress is made from scratch outside of the US (where, I have no clue) Once the dress is made, it is shipped to the US, specifically to their warehouse in California, from there it is shipped directly to you. Please take into consideration the timing for each point of the buying/shipping process, if you want to bite the bullet like I did, go for it. If not, OB is not for you.

Once the dress was purchased, communication was good in confirming the order, confirming my measurements and (what I think is a great detail) they asked for a picture of me in form fitting clothes so they can better understand my shape and the nuances of my curves. Which as a thick girl, I was blown away by, it made me feel confident that this dress was being made FOR ME and not for numbers on a measuring tape.

After they confirmed all those details, I think this is where OB kinda lacks. Their communication came to a stop, I was never informed or updated on any kind of status. I only heard from them when I emailed to ask for an update because the order page did not update at all. Can you imagine being two weeks away from the big day and you've gotten no update whatsoever? I understand employees are busy but to not update the status order at all? I believe that is a huge part to be failing in, especially for the wedding industry when time is the most important factor of all.

When I would ask for status updates, I would be told very general ship by dates and no real reassurances, just "don't worry". After calling them and demanding I get a real update so I can know if I have to go out to buy an emergency dress, did they inform me that they ran into a shipping snag/delay with the company they ship with. Which seems to be DHL, in my opinion, DHL is a terrible shipping service and always has delays. But I have no control over that and neither does OB if DHL messes up on their end.

The person I spoke with on the phone also informed me that as soon as they receive the dress they would ship it overnight to ensure it got to me on time as a way to reassure me. This made me feel better that they were willing to find a solution to my problem and at no extra cost to me. I finally got the dress literally a couple days after the phone call and about a week left to the big day.

My dress arrived to me in perfect condition, wrapped safely and inside a box. When I tried on the dress it fit like a dream! It hugged me in all the right place without being tight. The lace corset made me feel secure that the dress would not fall anywhere, it does force you to sit upright with good posture, so that's a plus! If there was anything to point out, it would be the buttons on the "sleeve". In the other reviews and a video on the listing shows that the sleeves seem to sag a lot, which worried me but when I tried it on I saw the buttons and connected them and it stayed up perfectly how it's supposed to. The buttons would pop off whenever I reached my arms forward too much and I had to ask for someone to always fasten them back in place. Not a big deal but just letting y'all know.

OVERALL, the dress was incredible and I felt amazing in it and still getting endless compliments and shocked impressed reactions when I tell people I bought it online.

TLDR - ORDER YOUR DRESS WITH AMPLE TIME, so any shipping delays don't have you biting your nails praying for a Hail Mary. Be patient with the employees at OB, they are trying and working hard round the clock, but do not hesitate to reach out and be firm in getting your information/updates.

10/10 would do it all over again but with more time to spare myself the time scare.

*EDITED to add photographer pics*


Take my hand. Take my whole life too. 🤍 04.07.23




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