2 in 1 Wedding Dress OB7962 with Detachable Skirt – Olivia Bottega

Divine! The dress that transforms from a mermaid dress cut into a real-life princess gown by simply adding a skirt – what more can a girl (or anyone) dream of? The fishtail dress aligns your silhouette with the off-the-shoulder top that looks like you just came out of the ocean and the sea foam. It beautifully flows into a kaleidoscope of lace gently swirling around your arms and body coming down into a beautiful slightly prolonged train. If you feel like you need something extra, you can add a detachable skirt that will put a bright accent on your waist, and you’ll be spinning all night long on your tallest tiptoes with your significant other like a true princess! A gorgeous tulle train enlaced with sparkly beads and shiny sequins will bring all of the attention to the see-through net on your back and the pearly buttons. Still hesitant? Don’t be, just say absolutely thousands of yeses to these two marvelous dresses!

Pro tip: Off-the-shoulder dresses are so pretty, you'll look absolutely stunning in them! Just a heads up though, if you're planning to dance or do anything super active, you might find your movements a bit restricted. Since lace isn't stretchy, it could be tricky to raise your hands all the way up or engage in activities that involve a lot of arm movement. Just something to keep in mind!

Important info: depending on the size, the layout of the lace may change slightly while maintaining the original design. Since it is handmade, some lace elements can be replaced or shifted, while keeping the original lace.