Shimmery Ball Gown Wendy – Olivia Bottega

Be careful, you might never want to take this dress off, like ever! The soft and feminine corset in a V-neck shape on the dress is quite tight attracting all of the attention to your decollete line and your arms. Spaghetti straps are mind blowing and a very delicate detail to the dress. Lush and light, it’s going to make you feel like the one and only, as you should. The sparkles are dipped all over the skirt, so that the contrast between the satin top and shimmering skirt is simply fabulous! Wondrous lacing on the back of the corset is a very beautiful yet convenient tool to adjust the dress perfectly to your body. Add puff satin sleeves or see-through sparkly tulle ones - no matter what you choose - you’re going to be the most beautiful bride the world has ever seen.

Important info: The width of the lacing area on the back of the wedding dress can range from 1" to 6", depending on measurements and the level of tightening. 

Shimmery Ball Gown Wendy

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