Lace Wedding Dress Enn with Long Sleeves – Olivia Bottega

A sparkly dress with long sleeves is a perfect choice to guarantee a very romantic look! The dress is absolutely miraculous! The upper body part is gently enlaced with shimmering flowers made of silver glitters and a little bit of see-through fabric creating the most beautiful canvas for your décolleté and showing off your neck line. The skirt is strewn with glimmer and gently fading lace. Also, if you want to open your arms, just remove the sleeves, because the dress can be easily transformed like that. Add any details you like, if you want to by customizing the dress. Whatever you decide, we know for sure that you will shine in our A-line wedding dress Enn!

Important info: depending on the size, the layout of the lace may change slightly while maintaining the original design. Since it is handmade, some lace elements can be replaced or shifted, while keeping the original lace.

We recommend adding corset as a customization for dresses that do not have corset added to it. In that case you will have extra support.