Organza Wedding Dress Cardi – Olivia Bottega

Have you ever seen anything so beautiful before? The most delicate dress ever! It is charming and romantic for sure. The off-the-shoulder twisted top is made in a bow shape twisting around your waist and making the whole bodice look royal and sophisticated. The skirt is attached with a few creases around your waistline, so that the whole silhouette looks very feminine and prolonged. There is also a very sexy slit on the skirt added on the front of the dress, to ease your movements and make you feel like you’re flying in the clouds. The organza fabric is the base choice for the whole gown adding luxury and priceless touch to your wedding look.

Important info: The width of the lacing area on the back of the wedding dress can range from 1" to 6", depending on measurements and the level of tightening. 

Organza Wedding Dress Cardi