1. Enn Top (changed neckline) + Airis Skirt
    These brides aren’t the same, but they were inspired by two similar dresses. Bride on the left requested her dress to have a top from Enn dress, but instead of plunging she wanted it to be semi jewel and semi scoop, and she wanted her skirt to be from Airis dress, just look how these two gorgeously complement each other. Bride on the right was inspired by these 2 dresses too, so the Enn top with wider off-the-shoulder effect also amazingly fit the Airis skirt, prolonging the lace applique throughout the whole dress, it looks just marvelous. We can make your wildest dreams come true.  

      2. Madlen Top + Heist Skirt

      This very gorgeous bride couldn’t help but wish for her one and only dream dress, and dear was she happy when we made that a reality. With her love for shiny things, we took the top from the Madlen dress and combined it with the Heist dress, so all the best parts of both dresses were kept in line. Doesn’t she look gorgeous? WE are very happy to create new dresses and new collections, but even more we are happy to make your dream dresses come together just like that.

      3. Milana Top + Bailey skirt

      This bride wanted to keep her dress romantic and unique, so she requested the top from Milana dress to be put on the dreamy Bailey dress’s skirt. It looks just wonderful in real life, magical 3d butterflies all over the skirt added by a sophisticated off-the-shoulder sparkly top, this dress looks like it was made for a forest fairy, so beautiful, extravagant and very romantic.

      2. Change the dress fastener option

      • LEFTOriginal
      • RIGHTResult of customization - Changed fastener option 

      The bride wished for her dream dress Udjin to be made with a zipper on the back. And of course, any bride’s wish is our command, so we gladly changed it to a hidden zipper. We know how challenging it may seem to go through crazy long buttonlines or a corset and you oftentimes need help, therefore a hidden zipper is a great way to save some time of putting on and off your wedding dress, as well as being able to handle the dress by yourself.

      3. Change sleeves + Color

      Changed the standard sleeves to detachable sleeves + chose another color from those available for the dress

      • LEFT -  Hanna Dress - with fluttering sleeves in soft pink color
      • RIGHT -  Result of customization - with detachable cap sleeves in light ivory color

      This bride wanted to get a very thorough combo for her Hannah dress - she asked for the thick strapped sleeves to be detachable, instead of fluttering tulle ones, and made of different color. Look how it works out for her, charming, right? We just love it when brides come up with the designs they create by themselves! You can always get any type of customization made about the sleeves you desire, make sure that the color option you choose is available on the dress's page.

      4. Longer train + Covered Back

      • LEFTRosby Dress - original
      • RIGHTResult of customization - Increased the length of the train by 60 cm + made the back covered

      This customization was the whole package: make the train longer and the back covered. And just like that a very modest and stylish wedding dress was born, truly magical. We are very happy to support any type of your ideas, and give you the best dress in the entire world, because you are so worth it! This rosby dress with a longer train and covered back looks just stunning on our precious bride.

      5. Longer train

      • LEFTMegan Dress - original
      • RIGHTResult of customization - Increased the length of the train by 100 cm 

      This bride said - I'm going hard and I am not going home, so we of course agreed on adding a whole meter of train to her dress, which turned out really princessy and magical! We love long trains, it always adds some magic and romance into the final bridal look, and just imagine all those picture, really worth it.

      6. Raised neckline

      • LEFT Faen Dress - original
      • RIGHT - Result of customization - reduced the depth of the notch

      Our next bride fell in love with Faen dress and we can’t judge her, it looks glorious! The only thing was off was the cleavage and the bride requested it to be taken up a little to make it seem still sexy but more modest, and we did. Check out how the dress turned out. We think it’s absolutely adorable and the bride felt confident and beautiful on her special day, which is the most important thing to us! 

      7. Raised shoulders

      • LEFTNuria Dress - original
      • RIGHTResult of customization - changed the off-the-shoulder neckline to closed shoulders

      Nuria dress looks absolutely beautiful, and of course we understand every bride choosing this exact dress. Our bride wanted this dress but wished to change the cutout and instead of an off-the-shoulder one, she requested the closed shoulders top, or just full sleeves. And we say that the result is remarkable, the dress still looks very fragile and angel-like, and we are so happy for our beautiful bride in her dream dress!

      8. Extra layer of a sparkly tulle

      • LEFT Faen Dress - original;
      • RIGHT Result of customization - we added an extra layer of fabric to the skirt

      Faen dress looks stunning, and the bride that chooses this dress knows her deal. This bride fell in love with the dress, but wanted to add more sparkles, and it is our biggest pleasure to add sparkles anywhere on the dress! So we added an extra layer of sparkly tulle to the skirt, which added volume to the skirt but in a very subtle way, very beautiful, charming and brilliant to watch. This type of customization can be done to almost every dress, message us to learn more!

      9. Change The Dress Length

      • LEFTKay Dress - original;
      • RIGHTResult of customization - Changed the length of the dress from short to floor length

      Sometimes it happens that you see your dream dress and realize that it's in another length! Whether it is a short dress needed to make longer, or a long dress needed to be made midi, we are all rooting for whatever you choose. This exact dress is presented in short length as a mini dress, our bride requested to make the dress in full length, and it looks gorgeous in any length, honestly! It is more traditional to want a full length dress, and considering all the sparkles and volumized elements the dress looks over the moon pretty.

      10. Dress Color

      • Result of customization Changed the standard color of the dress to one of the available options, but the photo was not on the site

      As you know, every dress’s page says what colors are options for this exact design, it may depend on a few things: fabric’s availability, fabric’s density and so on. So the page states that the dress can be changed to the following option, usually the options represented are the only ones. These dresses were requested to be done in a blush shade, but on our website they are made in original ivory color. We love when dear brides become less tradition in their dresses choosing and go after what their heart deeply desires. What is your dream customization?

      11. Leg Slit

      • LEFTCoral Dress - original
      • RIGHTResult of customization - A high leg slit was added to the original skirt

      Coral dress looks sophisticated and very sexy, however the bride decided to add some spice to the dress and we are so here for it. We added a front leg slit, so that the bride can show off her mind blowing legs, has more room to dance around and of course looks just magnificent. It is optional to add a front leg slit, or any type of slit you wish, just let us know about your ideas and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

      12. Make the dress sparkly + added petticoat

      • LEFTEster Dress - original
      • RIGHTResult of customization - made the dress fully sparkle (we added a glitter layer to it) + added petticoat

      Ester dress looks like a shiny river, more in a glistening type of way, while the bride wished the dress to be puffier in the skirt area and more sparkly, rather than shiny, and so we added an extra layer of sparkly fabrics all over the dress, just look how amazing it looks! It glistens and shines and sparkles, dreams come true! Also we added a petticoat to the skirt, so it looks more volumized and emphasizes the idea of a thin waist and princess puffy skirt.

      13. Changed Straps

      • LEFTHeist Midi - original
      • RIGHTResult of customization - Made the spaghetti straps wider

      The bride fell in love with the Heist Midi dress, and we aren’t going to judge, because the dress is indeed marvelous and sexy! However, instead of spaghetti straps, the bride requested thick straps, and we must admit, both of these straps look super fun and beautiful on this dress. We get so excited when brides request something that is barely seen yet it makes a very dramatic difference, which way of straps do you fancy more?

      14. Remoned Sleeves + Added detachable bow + Longer Train 

      • LEFT Koussindy - original
      • RIGHT Result of customization - Sleeveless dress with a longer train and a detachable bow 

      15. Change the dress fastener option + Straps

      • LEFTAiris 2 in 1 - original
      • RIGHTResult of customization - Made V deep corset + detachable straps

      This dress was a convertible to begin with, and we like it so much, this bride requested that the top be made in a v-neck manner, even plunging we’d say and the final result is astonishing. Also the bride wanted to change the depth of the cutout on the back, change some buttons to a zipper and add detachable sleeves to the dress too! And we say, the result is absolutely amazing! Instead of 2 dresses, the bride got herself 4 dresses (just add or detach the strap sleeves). So charming, so unique and so elegant.

      16. Change the color + Lace Sleeves

      • LEFT - Ester - original
      • RIGHT - Result of customization - Changes the color from soft pink to light ivory + added lace long sleeves