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At our beautiful store we only create top fashionista designs for every budget, getting inspired by our brides and always following fashion trends, without paying attention to the fast fashion. But we also respect every bride’s wish to be as unique as possible, so we made it a reality for you to get your own dream dress, based on our fashion views. Because it may be a whole other challenge to make a dress from scratch, we made it as easy as possible: you can combine dress parts that you find most flattering, without purchasing several dresses.

What does it mean, you may ask? It is simple: if you like this dress’s fabric, but those other dress’s sleeves, and that particular dress’s skirt and the other dress’s back, and perhaps you want to add some pockets to the skirt, and make the plunging V-neck a semi sweetheart - you’re in luck, because we can easily customize your deepest dreams to come true.


  1. Choose a perfect dress that you like but wish to adjust after you, just a bit.
  2. Find out necessary parts that you would like to change (is it different color, fabrics, sleeves, train length, or something else?).
  3. Message us with your ideas and our managers will do everything possible to help you with adjustments, and whether this or that customization is possible to add, then settle the list of all customizations with the manager.
  4. Purchase the dress. Modifications are usually paid, while size alterations are always free.
  5. Tailoring takes 8-10 weeks, but always depends on each dress. You can learn more from your manager.
  6. After the dress is ready to be packed and shipped, we will send you a video of the final result.
  7. Receive your own and perfect, one of a kind dreamy wedding dress.

* (please note, that we aren’t able to recreate other brand’s dresses, or create a whole new dress based on your ideas, we are only able to adjust after your wishes, the dresses from our store)


    But of course we are always happy to follow your own personal requests, to add something to this list. Other types of customization are also available:*


    Price - per request   Contact us
    It depends on what dress you choose. Keep in mind that not all dresses can be combined. Learn more from your manager
    This is one of our favorite customizations, because you can create a totally unique dress by mixing any of our two dresses. The result is always absolutely charming.


    Price - per request   Contact us

    Detachable skirt is always a great idea to add an extravagant look to your dress, and get basically 2 dresses for a price of one. It is always easy, fast and everything but boring. WE can make the detachable skirt added to a belt, with a slit and so on, just message us to learn more about the possibilities of an exact dress of your dreams.


    Shorter train - Price - $30.00

    Longer train - Price - per request. Final price will depend on the chosen fabrics and the length of the train 
    Most of our brides have different heights and this is perfectly normal. So it’s okay for every girl to have her own train length. Whether you want it to be subtle, custom length or flutter behind you a few yards away, it is very easy to bring to real life. Just think ahead who’s going to carry it around ;)


    Price - per request   Contact us

    Button line on the train? Said and done! It is a very charming and romantic way to stand out, just add a button line of any buttons of your choice to any dress that you like, it will look just glorious, and prolong the silhouette too. Learn more about the price and possibilities of adjustments from your manager.


    Price - $20.00

    If you are wishing to add that just perfect bustle skirt in some kind of special design to your dress, we are happy to help. Let us know what kind of a bustle you wish to see and we will add it for a price of 20$ for everything.


    Price - per request   Contact us

    It is very easy and simple to make your perfect dress longer or shorter. Turn any dress into a midi one, or vice versa turn a short mini dress into a floor length one. Price may differ depending on a particular dress and the customization it requires.

    ◾️ LEG SLIT
    Price - $50.00

    A very sexy and seductive way to let everyone pay attention to your legs is to add a slit on the skirt; it can be added to the side, middle, or even on the back. Very adorable indeed

    ◾️ POCKETS

    Price - $40.00

    With our phones and other little things you may need to have access to on your special day, a very cute way to do so is to add pockets. Usually it is very subtle and very hard to recognize, but very convenient. We recommend adding pockets to dense fabric dresses, for example skirts made of mikado or atlas!

    ◾️ ADD A BOW

    Price - per request   Contact us

    To add a bow is actually one of the most pleasurable customizations for us, it adds playfulness, chic and romantic vibes to any type of dress, trust us. And it is super trendy and even 30 years later these pics will look dope :) Just let us know what kind of a bowtie you’d like to see, is it in the back, sides, front? And we’ll let you know how the fabrics and bow sizes vary in price.


    Price - per request   Contact us

    If you found your perfect dress but feel like something is still off, perhaps it is the fabric dress is made of. We can definitely help you out with this one, just choose the fabric you wish that exact dress was made of, and we will absolutely alter it for you, just like that.


    Price - per request   Contact us

    We can add an extra layer of glittery fabric on top of your dress of choice, to make sure that you shine brighter than the diamonds, or we can do it in any other way you want it to. Just let us know about your ideas and we’ll tell you whether it is possible with your dress of choice, or maybe offer you some other ways to make the dress more sparkly.


    Price - per request   Contact us
    Final price will depend from the chosen dress
    We adore sparkly dresses, so if you feel like our designs aren’t too sparkly – we’ll be happy to add another layer of sparkly tulle, to add more lightness and air to the dress.


    Price - per request   Contact us

    You can purchase the additional piece of fabric your dress is made of, in case you are worried or want to do something with the dress at your local sewing store. It is only a limitation to get not more than 1 square metre of any fabrics that you’d like.


    Price - per request   Contact us

    You can always alter the color of your dress, whether it will be in shades of white, or red, lavender, golden and even black. Usually all the possible variations are shown at the page of exact dress, but if you are willing to drastically change it - just message us, perhaps we have just enough of fabrics you desire in store, and we can alter the dress for you. But if you want the dress in color that is not represented on a page, then it is most likely impossible to choose any other color you want.


    Price - $100.00

    To turn any dress into a princess ball gown is very easy with a petticoat. Just request a petticoat to your favorite A-line gown and enjoy your looks.


    Price - per request   Contact us

    If you have found your perfect dress but there is just this little something that feels off, maybe it is the neckline you wish to change? Perhaps you want to show off your decollete with a plunging neckline covered with illusion tulle, but the dress comes with a delicate sweetheart? Well, it is always our pleasure to customize the dress’s neckline after your request. Do you want it halter, square, v-neck, semi-sweetheart or maybe even bateau? Just let us know and we’ll do miracles for you, darling.


    Price - $50.00

    It is very common to work around the neckline, because let’s be fair, every bride is unique, therefore it is very normal to want your neckline to highlight different areas: make your décolleté cutout deeper and sexier, more revealing; add some illusion tulle over a plunging neckline, atlas, beautiful lace elements; or change it to a halter one; or even draped too.


    Price - per request   Contact us

    We can absolutely add any type of lining or a lined bodice to your dream dress, so that you can wear your dress without any underwear or for any other purposes you see fit. Just let us know about your preferences and we'll hit you up with all the details.


    Price - per request   Contact us

    If you chose a perfect lace dress for your special day, but aren’t sure of the weather or just want to add something special to it - then definitely lace bolero is an option for you. It can be done in any shape and size, from the same type of lace your dress is made of too. Just let us know what you wish to see, and we’ll let you know whether it is possible and how much it will cost.


    Price - per request   Contact us

    You can choose an illusion tulle to your dress to be of the following shades. Not all the dresses are able to be transformed though, please let us know about your desired color and the dress, and we’ll do our best to help your dreams come true!


    Price - $100.00

    You can add the built in boning to most of the dresses, to make sure it keeps the shape better and keeps your stomach flat and on point. Message us to learn more what dresses can be altered with a built in boning.


    Price - per request   Contact us

    If you like a dress with an emphasized waistline, in a form of ‘belt’, it is very easy to turn it into a detachable belt, so you can put it on and off whenever you please, for whatever purposes. It is a charming and cheap way to transform your dress. Just let our manager know and we will instruct you on whether your dress of choice will be able to be transformed like that. Also, if it is possible we can add the so-called belt line to any dress that you like! Detachable or not, it is always up to you.


    Price - per request   Contact us

    We love a creative bride, especially if you feel like you don’t want to go through a corset on your wedding day. We appreciate it, therefore you can change it to a zipper, and vice versa. Or perhaps you wish to transform your look into a button line on the back? That is possible too, just let us know what exactly you wish to do.


    Price - per request   Contact us

    If you want your dress to be more open, or on the other hand more closed on the back area - it is done then. Maybe you wish your back to be covered with an illusion tulle and sequins, or just an open back as it is, just message us to learn more about what’s possible for the exact dress and enjoy the final cut.


    Price - $100.00

    Sometimes for a chilly wedding in early spring or late summer it is necessary to cover a backless wedding dress, for you to look fire and as well feel warm too.


    Price - per request   Contact us

    We can change the style of the sleeves you desire, just let us know what exactly you want to adjust:
    • Add 3/4 sleeves
    • Add Long Sleeves
    • Shorten Sleeves - ¾
    • Shorten Sleeves - Elbow 
    • Something else on your mind? 
    Let us know about the fabrics, puffiness and other things you want , whether we just alter an exact dress’s sleeves or add brand new ones after your ideas.


    Price - $30.00

    It may be sometimes very uncomfortable for your movements to have a full length sleeve, so we think to shorten it a bit is a very cute and convenient way to restyle any dress.


    Price - per request   Contact us

    You can absolutely change the sleeves to straps or even spaghetti straps, make your gown sleeveless and so on. Just let us know what alteration you want to be performed on the exact dress and we’ll do our best to offer you the best solution.


    Price - $70.00

    Detachable straps are a very cute way to accentuate your collarbones and shoulders. Making straps detachable is a very convenient decision, because within minutes you may get totally 2 different dresses. And of course you can make straps with different thickness too. 


    Price - per request   Contact us

    We know how challenging it may be to find the perfect dress, let alone choose the matching veil and detachable sleeves if you want to. We’ll be more than happy to assist you on choosing the perfect match for your dress, so you can be sure that your dress, veil and sleeves are a perfect matching set.

    Getting married has always been a very exciting time for every girl, a truly desired day since childhood. It is only natural to assume that every girl has had her dream dress image kept in her mind, but when that day arrives it is also usual for girls to get confused and lost of what is the perfect dress they wish to wear on their wedding day and even more, where to get it. It is always challenging to find a dress that will reflect your dreamy desires, look stylish and not damage your wallet.