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14 Wedding Dress Ideas for Stunning Engagement Photos

14 Wedding Dress Ideas for Stunning Engagement Photos

There's nothing better than flipping through all the beautiful pictures once the celebrations are over. With engagement photoshoots becoming more popular these days, here's a perfect selection of stunning engagement dresses that will make your photoshoot truly stand out.

It's a great chance to try out a few wedding looks before the big day, too. Here are a few tips on how to look effortlessly glorious in your engagement photos.

1. Reflect Your Personal Style

Choose a dress that makes you feel comfortable. Think of this shoot as more of a wedding rehearsal. Find the dress that feels like "the one" or the dress you really want to wear on your wedding day but have some hesitation about. You know that feeling? We still recommend avoiding wearing your dream dress to a pre-wedding photoshoot, but what if your dream dress is actually a few different dresses?


Nothing like a cute mini dress. A perfectly open back and a huge bow - this gem is surely to reflect your personal rebel style. 


With its minimalist perfection in a sheath cut, square neckline, and gentle length, this dress is sure to be a marvelous fit for your pre-wedding shoot!

2. Complement Your Better Half — But Don't Match

It is advised to avoid choosing matching outfits and busy patterns. Instead, opt for complementary colors and solid prints to keep the focus on you. If you wear glitter or beads, make sure your beloved also has some shiny details in their outfit.


This beautiful turquoise dress is the perfect ensemble for a pre-wedding photoshoot. With its off-shoulder straps and playful length, it sets the perfect tone. Pair it with an aquamarine tie or shirt for added charm.


Introducing the gleaming Ramona wedding dress, perfect for an engagement party and a pre-wed shoot. Its midi length, sexy plunging neckline, and endless sparkles make it a standout choice.

3. Consider Tones

Make sure your look, chosen for a photoshoot matches the vibe of your surroundings, whether it’s a field of cornflowers, a scenic cliff, or something else.


This glorious boho-style dress sets the perfect mood for a pre-wedding shoot. Paired with a sparkly corset and a flowing long skirt for a stunning look.


Glitter midi evening dress, boasting an amazing sweetheart neckline and unusual length. With its sparkly skirt and thick off-shoulder straps, this gown is sure to complement your hourglass shape perfectly. 

4. Incorporate at Least One Accessory

Accessories add just the right visual interest and can be easily swapped for different looks. Consider including at least one accessory for your shoot. Why not try our glorious gloves or a stylish cardigan?


This perfect midi dress features a sheath silhouette and cute length. Its detachable sparkly skirt allows for two looks effortlessly. Its sparkle may serve as an accessory of the rarest grade.


This sheath midi dress is fully embroidered all over the top part, enhancing long sleeves and a sexy plunging neckline. The tulip-shaped skirt is perfect for accentuating natural curves.


Elevate your pre-wedding shoot to new heights with the perfect earring set. This amazing set of bridal earrings features soft white flowers decorated with glass rhinestones. Super delicate.

Tulle Gloves

Nothing makes your look more romantic than a pair of soft tulle gloves. Best worn with an off-shoulder or strapless gown. 

5. Stick With Two Outfits

Two outfits are perfect for capturing your essence without feeling that you've missed something. With our gorgeous convertible dresses, you can achieve at least two looks during your pre-wedding shoot and even more on the actual wedding day.


This extra convertible gown is a perfect example of multi-looks. Transform it any way you prefer—add or remove sleeves, wear it off-shoulder, or add a delicate bow. The options are endless with this one, as are the looks. Getting an extra lush gown is completely fine for a pre-wedding shoot.


This enchantingly gleaming duo features a mini tulip-shaped off-shoulder dress and a lush detachable skirt. With its sexy open decolletage line, you can choose to reveal your legs or look ravishingly royal.

6. Garner Inspiration from Throwback Photos

Review past photos of you and your partner to identify styles you love. This could be so cute—maybe a nod to your first date or a high school prom?


This enchanting red gown may remind you of the day you two, let’s say... fell in love? While you can find any dress in our store for any type of celebration, this thigh-high slit sexy gem is definitely worthy of your big party.


This classy off-shoulder Hollywood-inspired gown is perfect for your big photoshoot. With pearly white shades and a midi length, it's ideal for your big day.

7. Think About the Season

Dress for the season of your shoot. Wear a dress with long sleeves for winter and something light for summer. 


A light 2-in-1 dress perfect for summer time engagement shoots. With its reflective features, it may just be the best choice for celebrating your pre-wedding night. 


A minimalist yet very unusual gown. Featuring a sexy open back and long sleeves to keep you warm during winter photoshoots. Classy A-line silhouette and enchanting bishop sleeves will make you stand out among all brides-to-be. 

By following these tips, you can ensure your engagement photos reflect your personal style and create lasting memories with love.

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