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Wedding Dress Trends 2022

7 Amazing Wedding Dress Trends 2023

2023 is a definite year of fashion and of course trendy things. We all know that a very fashionable and desired item must be the one that was forgotten, and so it also works for the bridal world. 80’s glam, 60’s charm and 00’s character go back in style better, fancier and more extravagant mixed with 2023 wedding dresses trends. Let us dive deeper into the wild range of fashion wedding trends and find you the best wedding dress there is. 

1. Vintage glamour

A big place in our hearts as well is in a fashion world that takes vintage glamour. Name us a person who doesn't like vintage, we’ll wait. Everybody adores it and there is no doubt that going vintage will absolutely do you the right justice on your wedding day. 

For example our Meryem dress is very vintage-y styled, with it’s gorgeous lace and beads , plunging v-neck and of course lush skirt is a marvelous dream come true to walk down the aisle. Inspired by the late 1800’s this dress is a best way to show how the fashion that never gets old improves and evolves with modern technology and view.

Meryem dress 

2. High neck

Next big trend on wedding dresses of 2023 is absolute high neck dresses. The way it says - i am royalty and i am aware, the way it accentuates the figure of the bride and of course absolutely sophisticated is something. Some celebrities chose to wear this trend not so long ago, so be sure that it will follow us for a few years. 

From Pippa Middleton to Priyanka Chopra Jonas these ladies did their best to slay this trend.

Pippa Middleton & Priyanka Chopra Jonas

In our beautiful and timeless catalog we also have a few tricks up our sleeve. Our gorgeous Grace dress from pret-a-porte collection will blow your mind.

Grace dress with halter neck, long sleeves with puff shoulders

Grace dress

Halter neck, long sleeves with puff shoulders, a triangle sparkly pattern is covering the whole fabric, leaving a very sexy cleavage open and of course a front slit on a lush skirt. This dress is made to kill and of course it definitely matches the trend

3. Square neckline

Next on our hands is the square neckline trend, have you heard of that? Like a wrecking ball this trend bursts into 2023 wedding dresses ideas and definitely leaves no heart untouched. 

Minimalist plus size gown Jessica

Plus size gown Jessica

For example or gorgeous and minimalist plus size gown Jessica will steal your heart with its simplicity and chic. Square neckline, thick straps, skin tight silhouette and flare skirt, what is there more to wish for?

Emma only for the same dress but with long sleeves perhaps, yes , that is trendy too. Square neckline, long sleeves and puffed shoulders, skin tight body hugging and slightly flared at the bottom with a very cute train. A very worthy choice. 

Wedding Dress Emma with long sleeves

Wedding dress Emma with long sleeves 

4. Cortsery

Next few trends are also very worthy of noting and will definitely be a great decision for your 2023 wedding. Cortsery or so called corset bodice dress is a very good choice for those who like to shine and do not mind being held tight all day long.  

A-line coral dress with a corset

Coral dress 

Pay attention to our beautiful a-line Coral dress with a corset, that's embroidered with beads and sequins, will not just hold you tight bt also will make you shine from a universe away. 

5. 90’s minimalism

90’s minimalism is a gem for 2023 wedding dress trends too.

Mermaid dress li 320

Mermaid dress LI 320 

Is there a better way to define 90’s without a mermaid silhouette? Yeah, thought so. Our gorgeous mermaid dress LI 320 is a holy grail of combination of sparkles, lunging v-neck, 90’s minimalistic vibes and of course a royal class. 

6. Coloured and pattern wedding dresses

Coloured and pattern wedding dresses are a gem for a wedding of 2023 too.

Deila dress

Deila dress

Choosing white for your wedding is always a great idea, but so is choosing nude, red, black and etc. Our Deila dress for example will do just fine, nude goldish shades, embroidered corset and of course lush satin skirt are a great way to celebrate your holy union. 

7. Jumpsuit

And of course one of the biggest trends is to not wear a dress, and we of course prepared a solution for you. Very pinterest-y idea is to wear a jumpsuit to your wedding. Yes, white, boss lady and very stylish, also available in plus size too. Charm everyone with simplicity and chic.

White wedding jumpsuit Evry

White wedding jumpsuit Evry

Our Evry jumpsuit is made for the girls who aren't afraid to stand out. Crepe fabrics and plunging v-neck will definitely brighten up the day even more. 

As much as we love the trends we want to remind you that it always has been and will be about classics, and in our dresses it is impossible to go out of style. Freshest trends mixed with a good sense of taste and most deluxe fabrics will make sure that years later you'll look at your wedding pictures and smile, and who knows maybe your daughter would love to honor your choice of getting married in her mothers timeless trendy 2023 dress.

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