9 Best Spring Wedding Dresses Trends by Olivia Bottega
9 Best Spring Wedding Dresses Trends by Olivia Bottega

9 Best Spring Wedding Dresses Trends by Olivia Bottega

Spring weddings are the most romantic time of the year. Freshly blooming flowers, warm winds, and a magical mood are in the air. These gowns are inspired by love and romance, for you to feel the most beautiful self this spring at your wedding. This spring season for wedding trends is filled with joy, sexy vibes, and of course, sparkles because you are worthy to shine all year long. Read along to find the best top 10 trends for spring bridal gowns to wear.

  1. Coral motifs and colorful hues
  2. Sheer and bold
  3. Midi and off-the-shoulder
  4. Unusual necklines
  5. Revealing short skirts
  6. Flowers and ballgowns
  7. Bows
  8. Minimalist
  9. Convertibles

1. Coral motifs and colorful hues 

This season is definitely something new. Colorful dresses are the top tick for 2023 spring weddings. There is no need to aim for a basic white dress if you feel like wearing a colorful one. These options will definitely inspire you with colorful options. 



This glitter masterpiece with a sexy front leg slit is super sparkly and unusual in color picking. Get the dress in red or black shade, to celebrate your spring wedding to the fullest, with the lowered shoulder straps and in a sheath silhouette. 


Try checking out dresses from our colorful collection, available in pink, mint, lemon, bright orange, and deep indigo shades. These dresses are presented in many forms also. For example, this Anrie dress with a detachable bow that also works like a train looks super sexy and unreal. 



The most convenient dress from our store, that will provide you with 5 glorious looks and make you feel super special. Soft coral shade, long skirt that can be worn as a mermaid cut or even the ballgown one, with and without sleeves. Add soft organza to this fantastic offer and feel extra unique. 

2. Sheer and bold 



Ella dress  with a high slit has beautiful sheer puff bishop sleeves, with a very revealing plunging neckline and shimmering fabric. This dress is one of the hottest trends this spring. 



Asa dress is made of organza and has off-the-shoulder lines, all twisted in a half-transparent corset and added by a lush organza skirt of A-silhouette. Charming. 

3. Midi and off-the-shoulder 

Another big trend of this spring wedding season.


Satin and miraculous Cameron dress will impress you with gorgeous creases around your waistline and A delicate off-the-shoulder neckline. 



Madlen wedding dress with a mix of a sweetheart top and off-the-shoulder straps fully dipped in sparkles and a very sexy front leg slit is truly something, a match made in heaven we say. 



This wedding dress is made of sparkles and has a lush tulle skirt, with off-the-shoulder straps and a romantic vibe, it will be a great pick for your spring wedding. 

4. Unusual necklines

You won't miss the most stylish bride award if you go for an unusual neckline dress this spring season!


Made of moonstone fabric - Acerola dress is going to steal the spotlight! The most unusual off-the-shoulder neckline you've ever seen, made of thick creases and dense shape will make you feel marvelous on your big day! 


It is pretty much hidden in the dress' name - Waterfella dress is a truly unique exhibit of an unusual neckline! Geometric fabric design and geometrical plunging neckline will make you the star of the night definitely!

5. Revealing short skirts 

Short gown is always a great idea to show off your soft skin and beautiful legs.


You can shine bright and feel stunning in this glorious mini gown, spaghetti straps, and covered pixie dust mini lush skirt will make you feel super bejeweled. 



Extra stylish and very modern wedding dress with a nice v-neck and a charming bow on the back is truly something to consider wearing if your wedding is this spring.


Stunning mini gown will become the center of attention, especially with a warmer spring climate. Creased fabric sweetheart strapless corset and a lush mini skirt - Fountana dress looks like a fountain of love, we're not going to lie. 

6. Flowers and ballgowns 

Of course, there is no spring wedding without floral motifs on your dress. Floral lace wedding dresses look absolutely sexy and very romantic.


Flowery masterpiece, like a blooming bouquet of beautiful flowers, will sweep you off your feet gently. The gentle tulle skirt and huge murals of flower petals are stunning. 


Celia dress is one of the most beautiful dresses with blooming flowers you've ever seen. Straps that can be worn as you wish, flowery bodice and shimmering skirt - what is more romantic?

7. Bows

Bows is a huge spring trend and will be a trend for a while, trust us.



Nancy dress is a classic example of how you should wear a wedding dress with a bow. Soft, feminine and with a giant bow on the back - this is something superior. 


You'll be shimmering beautiful in this Mirrorball of a dress! Shiny, with a sexy front leg slit and with a detachable bow! At this point we are not even sure how you will choose the right dress - all of them are literally perfect! 


Do you know what love is? We do know that Lovisa dress is a vessel of love with a bow on the back, indeed. Off-the-shoulder straps, creased sparkly fabric and a stunning front leg slit. Dare to wear?

8. Minimalist

Minimalist wedding dresses are always there when it comes to being stylish!



Minimalist will never go out of style, especially when it’s this pretty. Long sleeves and a long skirt are truly everything you need for your spring wedding.



Nothing will express “I love you” better than a Jessica dress. Square neckline, sexy and skin-tight silhouette - a minimalist masterpiece. 

9. Convertibles

Transformer wedding dress will allow you to have more than 1 look at your wedding this season.



Style it as you please, wear it like a mermaid silky and silverish gown, or as a ballgown of full size, you are guaranteed to look stunning.


Lace, sparkles, detachable skirt, and long sleeves. This dress is definitely going to be one of the best picks for your upcoming wedding this season. 



Stourin dress can be worn as a basic minimalist gown, but put on top a sparkly mural transparent gown and it transforms into a light reflective miracle. 

Choose the dress of your dreams with your heart for your spring wedding and you’ll always hit the spot! 

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