Bridgerton-Inspired Wedding Dresses: What Would the Characters Wear? – Olivia Bottega
Bridgerton-Inspired Wedding Dresses: What Would the Characters Wear?

Bridgerton-Inspired Wedding Dresses: What Would the Characters Wear?

If you’re as enchanted by the regency romance of fresh season 3 of Bridgerton as we are, then imagine a wedding day that mirrors the elegance, charm, and drama of this most anticipated series of the year, but let’s make it more 2024. We’ve chosen a selection of wedding dresses inspired by the beloved characters, to help you find your dream dress.

Penelope Featherington

As pretty much the main character Penelope’s vibrant personality and penchant for bold colors call for a gown that stands out. Opt for a dress in a striking shade, adorned with intricate details like embroidery or beading. A ball gown with a fitted bodice, mindblowing décolleté, and voluminous skirt will ensure all eyes are on her. This is our recommendation:


Many layers just show how deep Penelope’s character is. Especially when it’s extra convertible - just find the side you like most (out of 9+ wedding dress options). Off-shoulder cut and in the coral shade? Ooh-la-la

A statement necklace or a bold hairpiece will match her fiery spirit for the bride who’s fav character is Pen.


Diamond Of The Season - Francesca Bridgerton

Francesca's style is the epitome of grace and classic beauty. A gown with delicate lace and soft embroidery would be her go-to. Look for a dress with puff sleeves and a flowing skirt that adds a touch of fairy-tale romance.


This shiny masterpiece with detachable sleeves and a front leg slit will make you look fierce and beaming. Especially when it comes with an open back in a classy A-line silhouette. It just shows the devotion of Francesca to herself. 

Add drop earrings to add an extra touch of sophistication.


Queen Charlotte

Queen Charlotte’s regal presence demands a gown that exudes luxury and power. A dramatic dress with elaborate detailing, rich fabrics like velvet or silk, and a grand train would befit her status. Look for intricate embroidery, lace, and perhaps even a bit of sparkle.


This dress definitely is a statement. Powerful, royal, and flawless. Just like Queen Charlotte herself. The plunging V-neck is dipped with all the rhinestones, sequins, beads, even pearls, and some crystals. Long sleeves are also shiny. Off-shoulder romantic cut and an extra lush skirt.  Gossip all you want - but she is the queen indeed. 

Truly a royal gown for a truly royal entrance. A tiara will complete the regal look.

Eloise Bridgerton

Eloise’s practical yet stylish nature would be perfectly suited to a gown with clean lines and a modern twist. Think simple, elegant, and comfortable. A sleek silhouette that captures her no-nonsense attitude while maintaining a touch of regency flair.


She is definitely more modern, therefore this gown is the best choice. Mini length and a chic cape for an added layer of intrigue. The extra mini playful length of the dress will show just how unusual this girl is. Sweetheart décolleté line mixed with a lightweight playful lush skirt. 

Add a stunning cape for an unforgettable entrance. 


Cressida Cowper

No matter how hard the show-runners tried, it was nearly impossible to hide her sexy lady cat beauty. Her nature is best represented by a gown with sexy lines, luxurious lace or embroidery, and subtle details. A dress with a flowing skirt, a thigh-high slit, maybe even a sheath cut would be ideal.


We say Cressida would rock the sexiest dress in our arsenal. Wet-dress effect but make it super romantic. Off-shoulder thick straps, sparkly all over, sexy creased sheath cut, and a mind-blowing front leg slit. No wonder people would gossip about such beauty. 

A delicate bracelet and some pearly earrings would be a perfect addition.


Philippa and Prudence Featherington

These two really charmed us all in this newest season. Romantic and somewhat wistful nature would be perfectly captured in a gown with floral motifs and flowing lines. A dress with delicate lace, floral embroidery, and a soft, flowing skirt would mirror their delicate mom-to-be beauty and romantic bug/butterfly soul.


A stunning wedding dress like this may be the perfect choice to gently reveal the baby bump. Tulle butterfly sleeves serve as detachable wings—even more the resemblance. A square neckline adds the floral embroidery gently yet stunningly. 

Add a floral crown or a bouquet of wildflowers to hold.

Kate Sharma

Kate’s bold personality and adventurous spirit call for a gown that’s both striking and elegant. We enjoyed seeing her finally happy this season. Therefore, a dress with rich colors, intricate details, and a dramatic silhouette would suit her perfectly. Look for unique fabrics and unexpected details that showcase her fearless nature.


This stunning vile of a dress is truly Kate’s best match. Unusual silverish shade and gorgeous creases all around the neckline. Gentle collarbones revelation and a very flattering silhouette. 

Some bold jewelry or a dramatic veil will be a perfect addition.



Lady Danbury, Mother Bridgerton, Featherington Mom - we can’t deny how important these ladies are for the series.

And this season everyone was surprised by how glorious and amazing the Featherington mom is. Their commanding presence, soft mom support by rooting for their kids, and timeless style are best represented by a sophisticated and elegant gown. A dress with a fitted bodice, elegant neckline, and rich fabric like satin or mikado will speak volumes to their impeccable taste.


This is a very regal yet minimalist off-shoulder gown. Yes, we say moms are allowed to rock their weddings too! This dress is a statement for a woman who knows what she wants and will stop at nothing to prove her point. Modern cut, gentle layers of fabric on the skirt, and a very unusual twist on the shoulders. Which one of them would rock it better?

A chic hat or a dramatic feathered headpiece will be the perfect addition.

Enchanting Styles for Every Bridgerton Fan

Each Bridgerton character offers a unique inspiration for your wedding day look. Whether you’re drawn to Daphne’s classic elegance, Eloise’s modern simplicity, or Queen Charlotte’s regal extravagance, there’s a gown that perfectly captures your vision. Embrace the romance and drama of the Regency era and find a dress that makes you feel like the leading lady of your very own love story.
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