A New Collection of Bright Dresses From Olivia Bottega for a Night to
A New Collection of Bright Dresses From Olivia Bottega for a Night to Remember

A New Collection of Bright Dresses From Olivia Bottega for a Night to Remember

Fashion trends are updating every few months, so every season offers something brand new. This time Olivia Bottega has created a very bright and cheerful collection of not just amazing bridal gowns, but on contrary - amazing capsule collection of extra bright and sexy formal dresses for your magical events.

Wear them in day time or as an evening gown, you are promised to look stunning. Let’s reveal the trendiest 2023 pantone colors of our new collection to impress you and express you inner beauty through colorful gowns. 

Inspired by the best fashion of well-known and trendy bridal designs, these bright little mini dresses are definitely going to be loved by so many girls and women all over the world. 


We’ll start with the most elegant and royal-looking dress, inspired by Alice in wonderland. Little mini blue dress, in bright electric indigo shade is a lovely masterpiece. Strapless corset with a semi-sweetheart cutout is magically decorated with triangle-looking sides, raising your bust in a very sexy way. Double lined skirt in a very lush silhouette is kind of reminding of a princess lost in the woods mood, and of course soon to be met by her prince charming. Open back and playful length is everything you need to swoop a few individuals off their feet, because you will be the brightest addition to any scenery.


Breeze dress in luminescent colors is definitely a must have for at least one occasion this year. Playful length and a skin tight sheath silhouette are designed for you to feel the sexiest in the room. Available in both luminescent pink and super bright cheerful orange are going to keep your mood on its highest level. Decorate this dress by very fancy looking detachable lantern long sleeves, puffy around your forearm zone, while the shoulders are open. Very sexy and elegant view, as they say - the devil’s in the details, but you got a lightning bolt inside of you.


The next three charmed ones are made of Mikado, and let us tell you why you need at least one of these dresses in your wardrobe. Gentle and very sexy lining around the shoulders in a delicate V-neck. Very 90’s trend shape of the dress and of course a charming huge bow on the back with long ribbons, that act as some sort of train. Who said that train is supposed to be worn by the brides only? These dresses come in a few shades that are definitely the trendiest buy this season, which one will you wear to your party?

  • For a prom we’re sure that mint blue will be the most cheerful one.
  • For an occasion such as weddings, or b-day’s party and even bachelorette party we suggest to wear the pink one, to let your girlie side shine.
  • For occasions like some book preview, or even movie premiere, maybe 4th of July - nothing will surprise the public better than sunny yellow bumble bee shade of this season. 


The next gem of this special capsule bright dresses collection is definitely the dressPresented in pink but easy to create in any other shade you fancy more, this dress is very feminine. Corset boning on the back and strapless straight across top, a truly marvelous decision for a young woman to celebrate her sweet 16 or wear to a prom party. Added by a very delicate Mikado Bow on the back, or on the side. This element will let everyone in the room know that you are in love with fashion and you keep up with all the trends to look very stylish.

The best part about these dresses is that you can mix the designs and fabrics to create something unique of your own, or go with the flow we’ve so carefully created for you. Fashionable, comfortable and super soft against your skin, these colorful dresses are created to spark up your mood to the moon and never return, because you deserve to feel so hyper every day of any day!

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