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Nowadays getting married is more than only celebrating your love union, but also a great way to celebrate life, inspire everyone you know with beautiful pictures and create an extravaganza night of your dreams. Bridal world is something so pure and delicate, yet very interesting and marvelous to dive into. 

With our fast developing world, full of opportunities it is only essential to create an online place for creating and choosing your perfect wedding look. A great way to buy or to order the dress of your dreams made right after your body and your personal adjustments is to order with us, at Olivia Bottega wedding dresses. We create only top fashion and top luxurious dress’s fabrics and silhouettes.

We are proud of our online shop that allows you to create and get the best wedding dress or a formal dress there is, and online shopping has a few perks that are easily covering all the trouble of visiting an off-line shop. 

Best thing about ordering a dress online is to see all the pictures and options online, on the back of your hand. Sometimes in an offline store it is hard to know if the dress that is hanging on the rail would look good on your or not, what silhouette that is and especially hard to learn without a person who knows their way around wedding dresses and gowns. And it is often an issue if you cannot speak the same language and maybe get lost in translation with that specific person, who is working at the store, who is supposed to help you choose the dress, because let’s face it, no one knows what is best for you except for you yourself. 

Second great thing about buying a wedding dress online is the option to choose any fabric that you like. Maybe you got inspired by some dress, but with to add more sparkles, or reduce them, get a detachable skirt or detachable sleeves, maybe make some parts sheer or otherwise, add density and class, and it is very easy to discuss and very fast via messengers or our online consultant on or website. 

Another very important detail, and we do know how much time it takes to plan a wedding from the scratch, is that you don't need to waste your precious time by visiting an offline shop, it saves you tons of time and trust us, we have checked this. If you are hesitant how you can get a dress without checking it’s fabrics first, we offer a great service - we send you fabric samples before making a dress, which also saves a lot of time and of course will help you to not get lost in all this wide variety of bridal gown fabrics. 

Right now we are actually working on creating an offline point in the USA for all of our beautiful brides and other customers to feel more secure and happy with their choice. It may take some time but be sure to be the first tone to know once we open a beautiful wedding salon. We have an address of our office in the USA, but this office is just our legal address, to provide more security to our beloved customers. 

We also have an offline store in Slovenia, so that our brides from Europe can actually come in and visit, enjoy our deluxe service and leave with the dress of their dreams. 

Right now you can easily get a dress or create one at our main website oliviabottega.com or visit our store at etsy.com/oliviabottega and we will be happy to meet all of your dreams and make them come true in one click. 

It is very easy, simple, fast and secure to order with us your perfect wedding dress that will make you feel like one and only, like a chosen one and we do believe that this is something that is very hard to buy, but lucky for you we are very happy to sell. They say you cannot buy happiness, but we are very happy to prove to you that it’s wrong and happiness can't be just bought, but created and ordered at our website, happiness is few clicks away. 

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