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Olivia Bottega is a top-notch wedding dress designer that creates amazing and show stopping wedding dresses for all body types, made from the leading quality fabrics and of course, absolutely glorious and fashionable designs.

  1. We create only top fashion and top luxurious wedding dresses. Right now the only way to get your dream dress by Olivia Bottega is to order one on our website, and there are a lot of perks from getting your dream dress online!
  2. We are proud of our online shop that allows you to create and get the best wedding dress or a formal dress there is, as well as we’re so excited to announce that there will be a huge opening of our first official offline store in the US, California by February 2023
  3. There is only one retailer at the time that is located in Slovenia, and you can go and visit us anytime you prefer, and for our USA brides - we will love to see you in our offline boutique this winter to try on your perfect wedding dress with us!  


  • Olivia Bottega creates bridal gowns that are made-to-measure, and we’re truly proud of that, because here every bride can get a unique gown of her own size, her own unique body type preferences.
  • The full-size range is something that you won’t find in many places, however here, we appreciate uniqueness, and understand the challenge of getting a dress that isn’t just picture perfect, but in fact fits you perfectly too.
  • Using our online service you will get a full spectrum shopping experience, avoiding traffic, being able to look at everything at once and get help in choosing the perfect dress. You can even get the sample of the fabrics you’d wish your dress to be made of, and yes - you can adjust it after your own wish.
  • Olivia Bottega also offers a very delicate and convenient service of creating your very own sketch, where you can visualize how the dress will look on your body, whether it need to added something or on contrary - detach sleeves, make the train longer, add a lustrous shiny bow on the back and so on. 

It is very easy, simple, fast and secure to order with us your perfect wedding dress that will make you feel like one and only, They say you cannot buy happiness, but we are very happy to prove to you that it’s wrong and happiness can be bought, created and ordered on our website, with Olivia Bottega happiness is just few clicks away. 


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  • Mackenzie Hopkins

    Where in California will you be opening your store? :)

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