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Essential Wedding Day Accessories: Best Elegant Wedding Accessories Ideas

Essential Wedding Day Accessories: Best Elegant Wedding Accessories Ideas

When your wedding is just around the corner, your hands start to shiver from excitement and from holding back from your perfect dress, shoes and wedding rings. We all know how important it is to think through so many little details, from tablecloth holders to shades of invitations, but no one seems to be mentioning the most important detail - bride’s accessories for the dress. Of course, we immediately think of earrings, necklaces, shoes and so on, but nobody understands that wedding accessories are more than that, way more. It starts with wedding masks (if you are in an active COVID zone) and can go up to detachable sleeves.

And if you were running around like crazy trying to find proper information about beyond accessories topics, we’re here to help cover this important topic. Accessories are super important in terms of weddings, they show your class, mood and in general find the final picture perfectly, it is absolutely essential to make it look like all of the jewelry, hair, shoes, purse, even a phone case belong together, and this is a true art.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of wedding jewelry you pick to wear, silver, gold, colorful, pealy, diamonds, it is essential that it finds recollection on your dress, for example if you have silver sequins and silver applique on your dress - definitely choose silver jewelry, but if you’re having silky dress maybe even milk shade, or minimalist chiffon one - gold, rose gold, or even colorful would do too, just as well as silver or pearls. We hope you will have a stylist, but if not, this article will help you to get your perfect accessories set by yourself together in a wonderful look. 

The right accessories picking starts with the veil. No, actually it starts with the dress. Let’s imagine that you have browsed through our online boutique and found yourself the dress, do not rush to check out just yet before you even visit our accessories page, you will find something you definitely need. 

Let’s take a closer look into the veils

We have an article written about veils, you can learn more about how to choose veils and which kind will fit you the most. 

Whether you’re getting a tulle veil or chiffon veil, the one with a 3d applique of lace, flowers, or even butterflies, you must consider how it will look on the dress. The more detailed the veil is, the less details you want to have on your purse and jewelry, and on the contrary, the more massive details on the veil are, the better it will look with massive necklaces or rings, or even hair clips. Here are some ideas for you:

Sparkly Wedding Veil

This light short sparkly veil will look perfect with a pearl choker and pearl earrings:

As well it will look good with discreet silver combination with small diamonds:

If the veil has more details like this one, we recommend to pay attention to one-piece jewelry.

Wedding Veil Nuria

One-piece jewelries

Detachable sleeves - mordern bridal accessories

Another important detail in choosing accessories is defining detachable sleeves. At Olivia Bottega you can customize any dress into the one where sleeves are detached, however sometimes it’s easier to get a separate pair of sleeves.

Arianna, Romee, Meg Sleeves

You can get any type of detachable sleeves crafted, atlas, tulle, see-through, lacy, anything you wish. If you have a dress with no straps or with spaghetti straps, detachable sleeves will become a beautiful detail to sophisticate your final look.

You will never look bring with the right pair of detachable sleeves, best if they recall some of your dress’s or veils fabrics.

Bridal cardigans & sweater

One more great way to make you feel cozy and warm on a winter wedding or some outdoor nature wedding is a cardigan or a sweater

C214, С2136, С 215 Cardigans

It will be a great addition to your look if you know the weather may get chilly and you do not wish to put on a coat and put your whole bridal look into a flop. Get the white or milky shade of a cardigan, made out of first class wool, it will  be warm and look stylish in all the wedding pictures.

Bridal Jackets & Coats

Wedding jacket is a perfect way to keep you warm on a cold winter wedding night, without putting you into fear that you don’t look stylish. Best fabrics and stylish designs are developed right for you to feel the most beautiful bride ever. Fur jackets add this elit special style and class to your bridal look on your special night. 


Light Ivory Fur Jacket J 318Bridal Jacket J 315

Detachable Wedding Skirts

Detachable skirt is a real gem for any bride, because it saves you time, energy, even money and definitely keeps you inspired. Get any dress that you really like, get any detachable skirt with it, and voila - two dresses with minimum spendings. You can get a half skirt (more like a detachable train) or a full coverage skirt. It is also convenient if you have a mini sheath dress, for example, but also really wish to try out a princess puffy luxurious skirt for the official ceremony part. 

Bridal Face Mask

It is also essential, especially nowadays, whether your place of getting married or a country still requires wearing masks, out of natural cotton, but beautiful bridal masks will be a perfect addition to your wedding look. Just make sure that your makeup is bulletproof and wear this sophisticated item on your face when you say your vows. 

If you are still hesitating what kind of bridal accessories to add to your bridal look, we recommend you start with your dress - is it heavy on the details? If so, choose light types of accessories, if it is quite simple and minimalist - you are also free to think bigger on the accessory part, or keep it to a minimum. After you’ve set your eyes on the veil and the dress, you can take this reference and hit the nearest shoe store, to help consultants find you the perfect match. Classy heels, rock boots, glass slippers - anything that you feel like choosing. After you have 3 titans ready, start to look for the right jewelry, everything that comes after that - isn;’ta must, but definitely adds class to your final look. 

It only depends on you, what kind of a bride you wish to be, but trust us, devil’s in the details, the more you think through your details, the more beautiful you will look. Do not hesitate to message us online for any inquiries and we’ll be happy to help.

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