Lantern Sleeves – Strongest Trend For A Wedding Dress – Olivia Bottega
Lantern Sleeves – Strongest Trend For A Wedding Dress

Lantern Sleeves – Strongest Trend For A Wedding Dress

It is absolutely understandable why lantern sleeves or puffed sleeves are the hottest trend of 2023 for bridal dresses, and we know exactly why.
Lantern sleeves take beginning in early 19th century, firstly associated with the wellness and fineness of a woman who owns the dress like this, and were inspired by the Empire style (check out Bridgerton, omg, or ).

Later on, as we know that trends are coming and going like a cycle, lantern –alike sleeves are now mostly come to mind with cheeky puffiness, playfulness and princess-like, that stepped right out of the fairytale forest. 

Let’s dive into the deeper into endless variations and the way balloon sleeves stole our heart.
Depending on the effect you’d like to create and the reactions of all the guests you’d like to see, or maybe just your special one, doesn’t matter, because you have really a lot to choose from. See-through, cloud alike, extra-long, cute and short, slitted, laced, cuffed, skin-tight - and so on and so forth, any of it will make you feel unique and extra delicate, for your one in a lifetime (or so) day.

You can also be sure to be absolutely unique, wearing a dress with voluminous sleeves, the way fabric flutters and flatters your fragile hands and shoulders, will charm everyone in the room, and the texture, shimmer, glitter, any type of décor will express your personality exactly as you want it to. 

Our top choice for bohemian lantern sleeves are the long ones. The way they will emphasize the beauty of bride’s silhouette is just too pretty to handle. Choose glitter, chiffon, or even crepe dress to go with, you’ll look astonishingly brilliant. 

Another gem is – satin lanterns for your sleeves. Finish your gorgeous romantic look, or enjoy being a true royalty for the night – the choice is up to you. The way fabric flows as you walk down the aisle, will keep their heart racing. 


Have you heard of detachable sleeves? That’s a brilliant idea if your celebration is going to be for a few days, or one night – who cares, only you decide. Attach your cute feminine lanterns for the ceremony, let the vail flow effortlessly, in unison with your sleeves. And after all the I dos, detach them to show off your sparkly shoulders and enjoy all of them Motown beats at your wedding. 

If you wonder what silhouette of a dress will go with bishop sleeves, you’ll be relieved – literally any of them. Yes, don’t be surprised, yet another perk for this beauty trend. Ah, so adorable and charmingly feminine. 

Choose tulle variations for princess dress skirt, and you’ll feel higher than Meghan Markle herself. 

Dress Romee by Olivia Bottega

Want to look more discreet? Try a-silhouette and longer sleeves with cuffs, to make you look graciously tall and baffling.

Try out a mermaid dress as well to have that Hollywood star chic look. The waist, the hips, even Ariel herself had chosen lantern sleeves, think about it. 

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