Part II: Celebrity-Inspired Bridal Gowns 2022/2023 – Olivia Bottega
Part II: Celebrity-Inspired Bridal Gowns 2022/2023

Part II: Celebrity-Inspired Bridal Gowns 2022/2023

As we’re back on track with celebrities' bridal looks, here’s what else you may expect from this season’s bridal styles to be.

Jennifer Lopez

Jenny may be from the block, but on her dream wedding pics, she looks glorious as a goddess, as always. A beautiful mermaid crepe skin tight dress with a high neckline and rouches around the bottom, precious. 



Fly dress with an off-the-shoulder line and sleeves with ruches is very similar to JLo’s choice. Mermaid silhouette, sparkly fabric, a very sexy plunging neckline, an open back and a skintight design. This dress is worthy of a very confident woman, as you’re going to feel as a femme fatale absolutely. 

Hailey Bieber

Hailey Bieber/Baldwin is definitely a fashion icon though, and we support all women as well as we support fashion, and Hailey definitely looked stunning at her beautiful wedding. Lacy Tisha Addams inspired-like gown is extra skin tight and in a mermaid cut, with a very open sexy back.


This gorgeous dress is definitely very similar to Hailey's Look, however, not quite. Beautiful long sleeved mermaid gown, fully embroidered with lace patterns all over like a perfect mosaic. Long train looks absolutely glorious, and the way the dress shines and sparkles will make you feel like the biggest fashion icon of our time. 

ORNELA 2 in 1

This beautiful variation of a mermaid gown is definitely worth your attention, too. Half transparent sleeves with lace details are very pretty, with an off-the-shoulder decollete and a very skin-tight manner. Gorgeous lace all over, including the detachable skirt that will give you extra bridal volume. This dress is just extra pretty.


And to the afterparty, she wore something nevertheless cute, and we adore several wedding looks. The silky double-strapped with draping sheath dress is truly marvelous, especially added by those trendy sneakers. Isn’t it amazing?


Sentea gorgeous silky dress is what you need if you fell in love with Hailey’s look. Spaghetti straps, classy V-neckline and a full floor-length skirt, with a very luxurious front leg slit. We recommend also keeping this dress in mind for some of your honeymoon evenings and photoshoot inspo too.

Miley Cyrus

The next queen of wedding looks is Miley Cyrus. Even though she isn’t married, we recommend getting inspired from her latest Flowers video. Miley had chosen a beautiful golden skin tight sheath dress, or you can go with her actual wedding look (she was married before, and looked stunning). We are sure there is only a lucky jinx in both of these looks. And while Miley promotes self-love above all else, we can’t find a reason why you can't get inspired with this beautiful idea for your own wedding.

This beautiful golden Greek goddess dress is something truly unique. Halter neckline, open back, silky floating full floor-length skirt, and an open back. Do not forget to add shimmering mist onto your skin and you’re set to be the trendiest bride of the season. 

The wedding dress Miley chose is an off-the-shoulder straight across satin pearly champagne shade gown, truly glorious.


And we suggest checking out our glorious Jaqueline mermaid gown. The beautiful mermaid silhouette with an off-the-shoulder line is just made for the most glorious of brides. Gentle train cascades down your hips so effortlessly, like a truly beautiful creation. Silky vibes give that old money energy, and we’re so down for it.

Taylor Swift 

Despite the rumors may be terrible and cruel behind Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s breakup, we still believe that anything is possible and they may be actually married by now, and not even thinking about splitting. We truly stan the queen, and here are some predictions for her wedding based on her “I bet you think about me” music video.

Glorious with an endless rose train ball gown type of dress that she used in her music video is to die for, and we are sure you can steal her style.


This gorgeous, truly princess-inspired gown with a semi-sweetheart strapless corset and the lushiest skirt you’ll ever see is absolutely stunning. You can’t get your eyes off this beautiful cascading all around the train, yards of fabrics, shimmering beads and lace. Very royal gown for a very royal wedding. 

However, when it comes to Taylor and her iconically long legs, we suggest trying out some mini lush princess types of gown. Just like this one.

Gorgeous mini V-neck and a v-cutout on the back sparkly gown, with a giant and beautiful bow on the back. A very stylish and bright gown for long-legged brides and for the brides who want to show off their soft skin. A beautiful decision for the 2023 bride. 

Millie Bobbie Brown

And last but not least, Millie Bobbie Brown just got proposed, and we are sure the wedding will be spectacular. Here are 2 dress predictions we have for Millie based on her style.


This delicate sheath dress with a very sexy front leg slit is going to look great on Millie and any other bride as well. Gentle figure corset and an off-the-shoulder straps line, added by creased fabrics around the torso and thanks to shimmering fabric, all of it creates a wet dress look. Add a front leg slit and you’re ready to rock.

For an extremely extravagant and extra bright disco ball look, this dress will be it. Covered in sequins head to toe, this masterpiece will bring all the eyes on the bride, and the gorgeous fluttering train will make it impossible to not to gasp with excitement. 

You see, it is easy to get your inspo with A-list celebrities, and we’re always here to help. Find your dress based on celebrity choices or your own. Do not forget about our easy and fast customization service and allow yourself to be the most beautiful bride. 

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