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Perfect Wedding Dress: Silhouette's Guide

Perfect Wedding Dress: Silhouette's Guide

It's not a mystery that nowadays there are dozens and hundreds of different dresses to choose from, let alone how much time and effort the wedding planning takes, sometimes it might seem too much to have enough energy to go through all of the wedding dresses: how to start choosing one, what do I like more, what mood do I want to create and so on and so forth. Let's be honest, the choices are endless, so we gathered all the information you may need to choose your one and only perfect dress in this very simple guide - enjoy the reading and learn something new. 

There are 5 top choices of all times for wedding dresses silhouettes. Let's dive into the variety and settle down all the forms you’ll need to know. 

First and most popular by request is a Princess Gown or Ball Gown wedding dress, every bride’s dream, as it may seem at first. Almost every Hollywood movie makes their actresses wear this type of dress, and we cannot disagree - it looks gorgeous. This type of dress has its ups and downs, but the main judge is the bride, of course. Main feature of this dress is it’s lush skirt, which will make any waist look small, and create this fairytale mood. Yep, there’s a reason it’s called princess gown ;) 

We're head over heels about our Priscilla dress 

Just imagine yourself wearing our Elizabett Deco dress, priceless. 

Our stunning gown Meryem - we're just speechless. 

Next we have Off-the-shoulder dresses or strapless dresses. And as you can guess already - it's a dress that can be in any shape on the bottom, but will open your upper part quite dramatically. Straight across, sweetheart, plunging, V-neck or even semi sweetheart - are not even the tip of an iceberg of how many varieties there are. If you are sure that you’re willing to have your arms and shoulders open then this style of the dress is just exactly what you need. 

Our very romantic Rosa off-the-shoulder dress 

Absolutely glorious and unforgettable Audrey Dress

Third type of the most popular wedding dresses is of course a Mermaid Gown. There are so many different ways to style this type of dress, can be sexier, can be more romantic, can be even classic or over the top luxurious, the choices are wide. Main idea of this dress is to be skin tight enough to show off your figure and will always be in style no matter what. 

Sophisticated and convertible Jacqueline dress

Absolutely luxurious and with detachable sleeves Ariana dress 

Next on we have a very classic type of dress, yes - A-line or A-silhouette. It is very simple, the dress really reminds of the letter A shape. Usually has a tight top or a corset and closer to the bottom the skirt is quite lush, while the waist area is usually also skin tight. This type of dress is a classic and always stylish choice, the silhouette of the bride in this dress will be prolonged and look absolutely stunning. Do not confuse this dress with a princess gown, because A-silhouette almost all of the time will flutter and cascade down, towards the floor, meanwhile the ball gown will always look wide and puffy. 

Left to right: our magnificent Olies dress, very beautiful mikado Rosana dress and just add some sleeves and voila Audrey dress is extremely elegant   

And the last but not least - Midi wedding dress. The length of the dress may vary - it can barely open your ankles in that very modest yet stylish 18 hundreds motif, or can even go as a mini dress. The length is something that is also only you choose, and don’t worry, in 2021 it isn't really a must to have a train that goes for miles or being extra girlie, it’s all about one's comfort, if we put it quite plainly. 

Left to right: Flirty Tirion dress, Hollywood star Cameron dress and very unusual sparkly Milli dress

If you’re still hesitant, here are 3 simple steps of how to choose what dress shape you need to choose. 

We say firstly you need to find out whether you would like to have a train, because it can be easily added with veil. 

Stunning flower laced on the bottom Veil Indjoy

After you’ve settled on the train, decide - do you want your dress to be skin tight or airy?

Inspiring mermaid gown Jacqueline or Lush Margaret Diva dress 

After choosing the look you’d like to go for - will there be sleeves or will it have open shoulders? 

Long sleeves Margaret dress or sleeveless Naomi dress?

And voila - there you go, you’ve defined your perfect wedding dress, now there’s only one thing left to do, find it in our catalogue and add as many features as you’d like. We’re always here to answer all of your questions and help you choose ;) 

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