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Wedding Shoe Guide 2024

Wedding Shoe Guide 2024

What is the most perfect pair of heels for your dream wedding dress you may wonder? We have all the tea right here. It is okay if you do not want to wear extremely high heels to your wedding, you may as well wear sandals, sneakers, converse shoes and so many more. Keep reading to find out the hottest trends for this season’s wedding dresses and what shoewear to match them with.


Anything with a bow will be a super cute decision whether your dress has bow details too or not. You can pick famous designers and just good shoe brands, and find the shoes you know you’ll be comfortable wearing all day and night long. Here is some mood board inspo for you, if you'd like your shoes with a bow on your wedding day. 

Wolfia wedding dress

This is a mix-and-match made in heaven. The made of tulle bows both on the sparkly Wolfia gown and the open-toe heels are going to make your day unforgettable.

Mirrorball wedding dress

Be the most stunning queen by adding shoes with a bow to any sparkling dress with a front leg slit. The shoes will make your legs long and fit, especially when you pose with that slit and the semi-sweetheart neckline cut, precious.


The shoes with straps are an absolutely delicate and very glamorous decision a bride can make. It doesn’t matter what silhouette your dress is, whether it is a sheath minimalist or an over-the-top extravaganza ball gown, the shoes with straps will look glorious, that's a pinky promise.

Ella bridal gown

You can definitely choose a gown similar to Ella bridal gown to match it with any sort of strappy heels, whether it is rhinestones straps, leather straps, or any other. The way transparent sleeves accentuate and complement the thin straps, as well as the front leg slit and a plunging neckline allow you to show off your skin more - marvelous.

Short Rakel dress

Rakel dress will be a perfect way to show off your beautiful legs by wearing some very adorable strappy heels shoes. Being one of the hottest 2023 shoe trends, these types of shoes will make you feel sexy and invincible, as well as the puffy skirt of the dress is adorned with straps around your shoulders - are just a perfect look.


Shoes with some sort of decorations, such as rhinestones, jewels, pearls, sparkles, flowers, and so on will be a perfect match to dresses with details too. You can mix them perfectly with lace gowns, rhinestone dresses, butterfly sleeves, and others.

Romanica Wedding Gown

For instance, a Romanica dress is going to look gorgeous with some pearly shoes, or shoes with feathers, unusual heels, and so on. Since the straps of the dress are made of tulle that can be transformed into bows, behind the neck, around the back, and so on, the dress can look completely different after you style it according to your taste, therefore, match it with shoes that can be styled too.

Mariell wedding dress

For an unusual shoe pair, you may think of getting an unusual dress too. This Mariell dress in a very unique cloud-like design is just going to be an absolute gem to your wedding look.


Flat shoes are actually one of the biggest trends too, they look well on tall brides and on brides who appreciate comfort above all else. You can wear it with full floor length skirt dresses and short and mini dresses too, it is all up to you. Just make sure to like them. It can also be added by a kitten heel, why not? 

Marit wedding dress

Chiffon Marit masterpiece is going to look stunning with perfectly white flat ballet shoes. Front wedding slit allows you to show off your beautiful legs, and embroidered shoe wear too. 

Amade bridal gown

One of the most gorgeous ways to style kitten heels will most definitely be a Sheath gown like AmadeWith detachable sleeves, a semi-sweetheart neckline, and a minimalist outlook, you’ll look extra gorgeous. 


Sneakers can be a great way to celebrate your big day. They are stylish, they can be added to a very trendy bridal gown of any length, and after all, who are they to judge? Just do you, dear bride 

Tofa mini gown

Wearing a dress like Tofa will definitely be the the greatest way to style wedding sneakers. As being one of the greatest 2023 bridal trends, perfectly white Jordans, Nike or even Adidas shoes will look stunning in a short gown, and an unusual train in the shape of a bow. Try it out and you won’t be disappointed.

Evry Jumpsuit

The Crepe jumpsuit will look glorious If you mix and match it with some pearly
white converse pair. Look stylish and be the trendiest bride of 2024.


Shoes of any color may be added to any colored dress, white, back, red, neon orange, Tiffany blue ad so on. We also have a beautiful colorful dress collection that can be adjusted to your wedding. Just find the dress you like and match it with any color of shoes you like.

Breeze dress

Be the trendsetter by getting a total pink monochrome look for your wedding. Choose any color of the shoes and find the perfect shade match in our collections, full of colorful dresses. It can be any style, any design, and any skirt length, you, however, are promised to look extra cute.


Lovisa Black dress

We’ll never root against a black wedding dress ‘cause it will look amazing. Stylish, bold, revealing, and extra sexy. Wear it with black shoes, red, pink, blue and all of the other colors you’d like.

You see, finding shoes for your wedding in 2024 won’t be much of a problem if you follow our unusual guide. The most important rule is choosing something you like a lot, and if you like something a lot, then there’s no way you’ll ever miss. 

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