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What Wedding Dress You Should Wear Based on Your Zodiac Sign

What Wedding Dress You Should Wear Based on Your Zodiac Sign

If you are having trouble deciding what wedding dress to wear, since you’ve never really had any sort of preferences and you just want something cute, then you may just choose the dress according to your zodiac sign. We have gathered the most beautiful wedding dresses that will match your zodiac sign like a charm, especially because every dress is represented by two options: the bright side (sun rising) and the shadow side (moon rising) of your sign. Buckle up and let’s get going on a beautiful journey of finding you the dreamiest gown, out of 24 showstopping pieces that stars are recommending. 

1. Aries 

If your star sign is Aries, please check out these dresses. One will resemble your brightest sides, and the other is going to reveal your deepest darkest sides. Which one is it?



Perfect classic with a nice twisted waistline and a plunging neckline cutout, added by a long skirt and soft Mikado fabric. This dress represents Airies at their best.

Li 320

The darkest side of Aries may be represented by the sexier dress Li 320, a super plunging necklie and glitters encrusted all over the dress, this dress screams - I am the queen, and we are so here for this fierce energy. 

2. Taurus 

The bright side of this star sign is definitely best shown by the Jessica dress. Classy square neckline, thick straps, perfectly white pearly shade, and a long skirt. Truly elegant dress.


How about going deeper? Kossy gown with a full glistening skirt, a V-neck cutout, and a very open back in a V-cut. This dress is very sexy and we are sure our Taurus queens will love it. 

3. Gemini 


Wendy dress represents the brightest sides of Gemini - romantic, elegant, and playful. Spaghetti straps, v-neck and of course flying tulle skirt, very romantic and unusually pretty dress. 



The darker side of a Gemini can be shown by our glorious Marit dress with a front leg slit. With off-the-shoulder straps and a tight sexy corset, it is everything you need to reveal your inner goddess. 

4. Cancer 



This beautiful gown for our Cancer brides will be a great way to express their best qualities, - an excellent sense of style, the ability to love, and being real-life wifey material. This shimmering off-the-shoulder masterpiece encrusted in pixie dust elegant gown is just what you’ve been looking for.


We suggest when Cancer really wants to party - then party all the way down. Amazingly short spaghetti strapped dress with a playful puffy skirt is another way to express how Cancer loves their life and lives through every moment. 

5. Leo 


Since Leo are very famous for being the extra spotlight lovers, this amazing dress will suit them well. Semi-sweetheart cutouts, full of shimmering extravagantly gorgeous gows, and of course a subtle train for creating the very romantic mood.



The Lovisa dress is made for Leo brides definitely. Off-the-shoulder straps, the sexiest front leg slit ever, and of course more sparkles, to shine brighter than the moon. You are so the IT girl. 

6. Virgo  


Leona well matches the Virgo vibe, it is elegant, it is very down to earth and extremely feminine. Spaghetti straps reveal fragile shoulders and collarbones to express how much of a delicate nature creature you are.


For those Virgo brides who arent settling for less - we suggest trying out the Tofa dress. An amazingly neat bow will definitely sparkle up your mood, especially added by a very cute sheath silhouette and a V-neck cutout. 

7. Libra 

The Asa dress represents Libra’s brightest sides - being unusual, lightweigh airy star sign is going to love this dress, made of numerous cutouts around the waist and the back, added with soft bows all around, and beautifull sleeves.  



The Solly dress will remarkably well express the shadow side of Libra, made of satin all over, this skin-tight dress in a mermaid silhouette with spaghetti straps and a glorious train will do the job perfectly. 

8. Scorpio 


The Gemma dress is made for Scorpio ladies. Sheath silhouette, half transparent long sleeves corset and of course nice sparkly skirt. Wear it as if you own it because we are so supportive of your lady boss vibe. 


Despite the fiery nature of this zodiac sign, these Scorpio brides are surely well at hiding their inner fragile and romantic world. Therefore, the shadow side of this unique ladies may be the Baily dress with butterfly applique all over. Elegant, ballgown, royally cute, and absolutely stunning. 

9. Saggitarius


There is no one who can pull off this dress better than a Sagittarius bride. Gorgeous lace all over the top, added by a lush playful skirt and of course off-the-shoulder gentle straps.



The Aviv dress will perfectly express the darker side of Sagittarius bride, yards of sparkly tulle around the skirt, embroidered corset with a sexy plunging neckline - this dress is everything you may need for a perfect look on your wedding. 

10. Capricorn 



Asa dress is so well-matching the bright Capricorn energy. Unusually pretty organza dress with a transparent corset and semi-sweetheart lines, off-the-shoulder organza fluffy straps and a full floor-length organza skirt - masterpiece.

11. Aquarius 


The most unusual starsign Aquarius bride will definitely like the most unusual dresses. Like this Sentea gown, it is very charming and boho, delicate detachable sleeves look like olives in a martini glass, a nice look for the most playful bride.



12. Pisces 


Pisces brides will definitely enjoy and appreciate the Feilen dress, it is classy, it is sparkly, it is very modest and very romantic. Long transparent sleeves and a semi-sweetheart neckline - too pretty.



For the darkest side of Pisces bride we suggest trying out this shimmering and glistening  masterpiece of a dress Monro. Strapless gown in midi length is everything a Pisces bride has been craving - attention and affection, and thus she will get. 

You see, every star sign has something deeper to them, as well as something truly lovely and romantic. Just go with your inner voice, and either reveal your inner goddess or reveal your full of love soul, or who knows - why not reveal both?

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