Why are mermaid dresses still relevant?

Wedding fashion is one of those areas where there are always some changes and new trends. At the same time, some of the main lines that designers work on have been relevant for quite a long time. In this article, we will use the example of mermaid wedding dresses to analyze why this happens.

Style features
These dresses look very interesting due to a specific design move: in fact, the dress adds a "second waist" significantly below the waist level, right on the skirt. The line of the skirt slides along the hips, narrows to the knee, and then suddenly begins to diverge to the sides.

This truly ingenious solution contains much more than just an interesting cut of the skirt: what girl would not like to become the heroine of a truly romantic and touching love story, sung by poets, artists and animators? In addition, it is, in fact, the reverse side or a new reading of another famous image: the image of the Princess. So the silhouette became a real gift for those brides who liked Ariel, not Cinderella, as a child.

Today it is one of the "classic" styles of wedding dresses. Such outfits must be in any collection of any year. And apparently, they don't plan to go out of fashion yet.

What mermaid wedding dress gives the bride
But what is so good about this dress, other than a reference to the little mermaid? Let's get this straight:

Emphasizes the hips. This is one of those models that lie on the hips "on the figure". Therefore, for anyone who would like to demonstrate this part of the body, it fits perfectly. The lower "tail" of the skirt only enhances this effect, artificially visually narrowing the line where the descending upper part ends.
Adds fragility and femininity to the image, which is very useful if the bride has strong hands and pronounced shoulders. This effect is shown because the skirt seems very narrow at the bottom.
Shows more dynamics. Dresses "mermaid" less hide the movement, they sway, sway, form and smooth out the folds. Unlike lush models, "fish" gives a sense of naturalness, liveliness and naturalness.
All together, this gives the bride the opportunity to get a rather complex combination: a romantic, fairy-tale image with an absolutely natural and" human " nature. In contrast to the heavy and immobile curvy models that put her on a pedestal, mermaid dresses create a lighter and more subtle feeling. And it is this feeling that brides value so much.

The prospects
As you can see from all the world trends, dresses of this silhouette are not going to leave the sky of wedding fashion, and will be popular for a very long time.

In addition, there are no prerequisites for the creative potential in this style to be exhausted yet: designers are quite successfully adapting all the latest trends to this silhouette.

New materials, new types of decor, a combination of styles and moves-all this fits into the usual image easily and naturally. Moreover, every year we can observe more and more interesting readings of the same story. So the little mermaid isn't saying goodbye yet!

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