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4 Reasons Why To Consider A Mermaid-Style Wedding Dress

Fashion in the wedding industry is bound to have a few changes here and there. When it comes down to styles and silhouettes, there will always be new trends and new designs! What does all of this mean for the mermaid silhouette wedding dress? Is this style classic enough to withstand the test of time? Let’s take a look at why this popular wedding dress style is chosen over and over again by brides around the world.

1. Charming & Timeless Style

bride wearing mermaid silhouette wedding dress

A mermaid-style bridal gown has a unique and timeless design that will forever be flattering. With a distinctive construction, a mermaid gown gives a bride a “second waist” significantly below waist level. 

With the fabric elegantly hugging the hips and narrowing down at the knee, a mermaid silhouette wedding dress perfectly gives you a double hourglass shape. This style dress is perfect for brides who want to show off their figure with a romantic and youthful look. 

2. Naturally Romantic Aesthetic

bride wearing mermaid style bridal gown

Mermaid-style gowns offer brides a truly romantic look. While wearing a mermaid gown, you will look like a living love story, a breathing poem, and an artists’ masterpiece. 

A classic mermaid silhouette wedding dress is for the bride who prefers a very classic and timeless look. Often, these dresses are offered in stunning lace, satin, or mikado as all of these fabrics cater to the elegant silhouette. With its naturally romantic aesthetic, this dress will make you feel like a storybook bride.

3. Feature Emphasizing Abilities

bride wearing minimalist mermaid silhouette wedding dress

We touched on this a little earlier but we definitely need to take a deeper look at how exactly the mermaid dress complements your features. If you’re in love with your natural shape and you’re looking for a dress that will emphasize your curves, a mermaid silhouette wedding dress will always be the best choice for you.

A mermaid dress will flatter your hips and give you a narrowed waist appearance. The tail of the skirt further enhances these features by adding even more of an elegant dramatization to your body. Mermaid-style bridal gowns give you a feminine, dainty, and delicate appearance.

4. Adaptable to Upcoming Trends

bride wearing laced mermaid silhouette wedding dress

With endless possibilities of adding creative detail, mermaid-style gowns can easily be adapted into the latest trends. As each year passes, we can observe combinations of styles, decor ideas, and so much more. With its timeless beauty, adaptability, and natural charm, it’s definitely safe to say that the mermaid silhouette wedding dress will not be going out of style anytime soon!

If you are a lover of romance, timeless fashion, and elegance, you will love any of our mermaid wedding dresses. With a tasteful design combination of romance and fairy-tale, you’ll look and feel unforgettable on your wedding day. Providing brides with a light and subtle feeling, mermaid dresses will always be a bridal favorite. Talk to a designer and let’s start designing your dream dress today!

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