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Discovering The Right Dress Style For Your Silhouette

You’ve been dreaming about the day you finally get to walk down the aisle. The perfect location, the stunning floral arrangements, the love of your life, and your dream dress. The only problem? You haven’t found your perfect dress yet. With thousands of styles, shapes, and sizes to sort through, shopping for a wedding dress for any body type can be overwhelming. Luckily, we’re experts on wedding dresses and ready to help you find the perfect dress for your big day. Read our guide to discover the best wedding dress styles for your silhouette so that you can be on your way to say “I do” to the perfect dress.


Many women envision a romantic hourglass look for their wedding day. If you have a straight or slender silhouette and want to create the illusion of extra curves, look for styles with built-in shapes to add some extra interest. A mermaid or trumpet style that cinches at the waist and below the hips is a perfect wedding dress for these body types.

Slip-style wedding dresses are an amazing choice for slim women that want to emphasize their figure. This elegant, minimalist cut is a perfect match for straighter silhouettes since it will hug and highlight every curve and contour. Similarly, sheath-style dresses hug the body and create an elongated shape that can be super-flattering. When going for these minimalist styles, make sure to look for dresses that emphasize the waist to avoid looking boxy.

Some of the best wedding dress styles for slender shapes are those that include embellishments. Extra details like ruching at the chest and hips can create the illusion of fuller curves while highlighting a small, slim waist. Can you say win-win?


While many think that hourglass-shaped women have it easy when shopping for wedding dresses, they too may have a hard time finding something that perfectly flatters them. Women with larger busts run the risk of looking “too sexy” in low-cut dresses, yet higher necklines can look boxy and matronly. The best wedding dress for body types that already have a curvy shape is one that skims and flatters your curves without overwhelming.

A princess- cut dress will do just that. This romantic option will hold your bust in without the need for a bra while highlighting a small waist. This looks extra-flattering on women who want to show off an ultra-feminine shape.


A-line wedding dresses are a classic option for a reason. They look stunning on curvier body types as they flatter the curves you want to show off while camouflaging areas that you may not want to bring attention to.

The best wedding dress for body types that want to create the illusion of a smaller waist will have a structured bodice. Corset-style wedding dresses are another great option for apple body types, as they do wonders for cinching in the waist and slimming a rounder torso.

Still feeling overwhelmed? We’re here to help. We’re experts on making your wedding dress dreams a reality, so don’t hesitate to contact our design experts today. We’d love to help you find your perfect dress or create a one-of-a-kind custom design!

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