New Devotion Collection

Aware of just how important it is for every bride to look truly unique in white on her wedding day, at Olivia Bottega, we offer a wide variety of wedding dresses in a range of styles that we're sure will include one that will suit you perfectly.

When you have the first look at the devotion collection by Olivia Bottega, you kind of realize why it’s named like that. Dresses are devoted to love, romance and of course, weddings. Romantic modern silhouettes represented here will inspire you and make you feel one of a kind. Perfect fabrics are sure to be of the best quality ever, this capsule collection will be perfect for brides who cherish their life, and live life to its fullest.

39 products

39 products

Dresses are represented in a few color options, here you will find pearly white classics and gorgeous nude champagne shades, as well as even black, because at your wedding only you decide what you should wear as a bride. Gorgeous bows on the back, floating puff sleeves and sexy spaghetti straps. Do not forget that every dress can be easily adjusted after your deepest desires, because at Olivia Bottega it’s all about uniqueness. Inspired by the beauty of brides, the Devotion collection represents teacup length dresses, classic floor length ones and even mini, so you don’t have to think hard twice about what dress to get, here you can relax and enjoy, because everything else is already taken care of.

Beautiful combinations of the finest Mikado cut dresses, chiffon and atlas are gathered here to find its owner, beautiful, free and excited about life. Say your holy vows knowing that you look like a heavenly creature, because you are so worth it, and let your lover tattoo this moment on their mind, because by wearing any dress from the devotion collection, this is guaranteed. Let your fierce side shine through, show off your delicate figure, your unique sense of style and what’s more important, your fragile side.